Anzog vs... Sartanaaaa

So once upon a time I put emblems on sartana up to node 6 to use as a flank to justice both in raids and war defense. Since then we switched to blue tanks and I started kunchen at tank. Of course I use ole sarty on my purple attack team, but would her emblems be better spent elsewhere?

Of course kiril and protests are excellent options but I am hearing good things about anzog as a flank to kunchen. If I put him there he gets sartanas emblems. If not sarty gets to keep hers while kiril and proteus work out who gets the shinys. Thoughts along those lines? Any other suggestion given my roster also appreciated.

Thank you!


I would leave Sartana’s emblems on her and give future emblems to Anzogh. Lvl 6 is where I’ve been stopping my 5*s right now to split emblems up

I chose the attack path on Anzogh to flank Kunchen here’s his stats with +6.
He seems to perform well on the right flank. Hope this helps.

As far as taking emblems away fro Sartana, that’s a tough choice. I prefer my defense to carry emblems. Mostly for Alliance War performance.

First you say this “Since then we switched to blue tanks and I started kunchen at tank.”
Kunchen is not blue

Ahh i meant kunchen tank for my main raid defense. Prior to him it was justice, which is why sartana made sense at flank.

I guess the main question is, is anzog a good enough flank in my current set up to warrant switching him with justice (emblemed) AND nabbing emblems from sartana for him. If he goes on defense he gets as many emblems as possible. That’s just how i roll i suppose.

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Kunchen is definitely a better tank than Justice. Good choice to switch to him.

Yes, I personally think that Anzogh is an excellent flank for Kunchen.

I have Poseidon on left flank. Ursena and Evelyn in the wings. So for my defense setup the combo is working very well.

I think your defense team could look similar and be very tough. Maybe

Lianna, Joon, Kunchen, Anzogh , Magni

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