War Defense Team Opinions Wanted

Our alliance uses purple tanks. Ursena is my best tank until I ascend Boss Wolf someday. Seshat is my highest TP hero. Therefore it would be nice to fit her in too. I recently got Panther as well. Is it too greedy to try and fit all 3 in? Let me know what you think of the following defenses. Imagine all heroes are fully levelled with tier 7+ emblems.




Option C is what I had been thinking long term. But I’m 2 scopes short for Ariel with Frostmarch next. Might not be able to ascend her for a month or two.

So should I consider A or B for now? A is best vs color stacking but it seems crazy to bench GM.

I could also bench Panther and go with

I have the mats to do Ranvir (but I have Miki), Justice, Musashi or Owl but I’m not convinced on any of them.

Also have the mats to do one of Red Hood, Mitsuko, Anzogh or Azlar but not sure on that choice.

Thoughts anyone? Frida+7 is the only other notable maxed legendary atm. Have the tonics for MLF/Kingston/Alby/Lady should I get any of them.

Honestly I like option C as it’s bit diverse and difficult to beat.

Rest of the heroes you mentioned are really good as well like Red Hood and Mitsuko does 2 are really good. I do love Anzogh in tank position if your opponent gets a bad board, Anzogh is killer specially with heroes that bring defense down.

I am not fan of Musashi but his is fast - for me Joom is better, Justice & Owl are slow so not so great.
Owl is devastating if fires but mostly dies before he fires. Justice was first big tank in the game and I like here and use here on 3/70 for war, very usefully.

For green I would go for Alby or Kingston when he gets out as they are by me super heroes. If you have Lianna or Greg you can level them before you get does.

MLF and Lady what to say, for war purposes yes anything else no.

One note: stacking more then 2 purple in your team leaves you very exposed to counter color. I love the idea in first line up but you will have hard time maintaining your defense. There is no team to hold more then 2600+ cups easily over night.

P.S. Blues Frida and Miki are my top 5 Blues :wink:

Hope I wrote anything useful to you.

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Before, I hate Ursena tanks. After expressing my hatred against her, I changed my attack plan whenever I face her during raiding. I usually hunt Ursena tanks and my success rate since I’ve adopted a new attack strategy is 99%. I don’ bring holy heroes. Even my mono purple kills Ursena and her team, especially when she is flanked by holy heroes.

As they have mentioned, no defense is absolute. What matters in the current meta is how many emblems you have placed on the heroes. The higher they, the more defense or health the heroes may have, which would be a bit helpful in defending. In the instant case, I would prefer to use your Option B, composed of 3 dark heroes, forcing most raiders to use holy heroes stacked. With good boards, the raider may win. But with bad boards, it’s Good Night, Irene.


This seems good. Give your crit troop to Ursena and the 3* troop to Joon.

When you’ll have Ariel you could put her instead of Vivica.


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