Please help with defense team

Hi all,
May I aak for advice with defense team?
Actually I have this line:

Poseidon - Frida - Kunchen -Lianna (cos) - Alice

and I would like to swap to:

Poseidon - ?red? - Ursena - Lianna - Alice

For reds I got following choices:
Grazul, Zimkitha, Anzogh
I like Grazul or Zim in this position.
Problem is I dont want to stripe off emblems Kunchen and Alberich. So it remains Anzogh. But I am not sure about him.
Except those aforementioned heroes and G.Kong and Azlar I don’t have any other useful 5* red.
Is it Grazul worthy of Kunchen emblems?
Or Zim of Alberich’s?
What do you recommend?

Thank you.

They greatly benefits of enemies’ buffs and while in a defending scenario an attacker could lower their impact in certain ways (as bringing a non-costumed Rigard instead of Vivica to cleanse) they are rampant in attacks as the AI can’t decide course of actions.

However, some heroes feels less than others said effects such as Guinevere thanks to her mana control, Ursena due to her high OHKO potential and… not so many other heroes afterall.

However, defenses with buffs are ofter better than the ones without them and luckily these heroes are pretty rare.

Sorry for confusion, FraVit93, I submit by accident in the beginning completely wrong topic, now it is a proper one :slight_smile:
Thank you for understarding.

As defense I would recommend you to run

Alberich - Poseidon - Ursena - Anzogh - Alice

Hmmm, is it Anzogh really so good? I could bring him to 12 emblems. On the other hand, Lianna is with maxed costume and she is a real beast. Regarding this, if I strip her off emblems, I can field emblemed Alasie instead of Alice. Difficult decision… I’ve been tending to Grazul, as she is very fast, but she doesn’t hit…

Anzogh is an ok hero, his role in your defending team would be to recover a bit of your partially injured heroes’ health and buy time for Alberich to fire.

Alasie > Alice to me, you should emblem ger :slight_smile:

In the best case scenario both Ursena and Anzogh would fire, injuring seriously your attacker’s team.

Sounds good, Anzogh should have at least the chance to fire, because he is quite sturdy in defense and if I invest emblems to Attack/HP path, he could be quite effective healer.

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