Do you ever do summons with gems?

Im f2p and have 700 gems. I kinda feel like making one Atlantis pull but is it really worth it?

Don’t do single pulls with gems as f2p

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Aim for a 10 pull. It’s a lot of grind but you’ll get one extra pull by doing it this way. I’m F2P and that’s what I do. I wait for an interresting HOTM to show up and that’s when I do my 10 pulls. 2-3 time a year…


Besides buying more roster space occasionally, what else were you going to do with them?

Agree with the others that waiting for a 10-pull and an interesting HotM is best, fwiw, but the featured heroes in Atlantis this time are all pretty great. If I didn’t have all the interesting lower-tier Atlantis heroes, I’d be tempted to burn the gems I was saving for costumes for a shot at Ursena and/or JF this month.

How far along are you in the game? I’m f2p and when I first started I used gems on Atlantis pulls. When I didn’t even have a four star in every color I was glad I did my summons then. Once you have a decent roster that’s when I find it more worth it to save up.

As (more or less) f2p I never do single pulls. Wait until you can do a 10-pull. It is also better economically - a 10-pull is cheaper than 10 single pulls.


I started as f2p, for the first six months. Then I started with spending a bit, PoV and VIP when a good deal comes along.

I now hoard my gems to do 10 or 30-pulls, in either S3 or costumes when the new costumes come available.

I agree with @Ruskin505 that in early beginning, when every new hero is a improvement on your roster and means you can do more, it’s probably better for your own enjoyment to do some single pulls. Once you have enough 4* to be able to do most events and maps, I would focus and save gems to do 10 pulls when the odds on good heroes are better then usual.


I save up until I get a 10 pull - always have, and I started free to play, and have now spent US$20 over about 2.5 years.

Only other things I use them for are to buy roster space as needed and speed up wanted chests when the timing & cost makes sense - usually 1-2 gems at most.


Look I personally don’t think u should do Atlantis. Valhalla.and tavern of legends summons with gems u should only do summons with the tokens

On top of the suggestion to save for 10 pull, I want to have a further comment:
The portal with the best chances to have something better than vanilla S1 heroes is the Costume Chamber. I suggest to focus your gems there until you feel you exhaust this “mine”.


Seconding that, especially since new batch of costumes is coming out now.

That being said, even as someone who spends on this game I rarely use single pulls. Why one should if you can get something cheaper?

I agree save all gems for a 10 pull either Season 3 or upcoming Season 4. I was C2p but changing to only Dragon and amazing deals.

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