Help setting up a good defensive and offensive team!

Would like some help setting up a great defensive and offensive team/teams with my current heroes!


Boldie Boril Onatel Cyprian Evelyn

Boril can be changed to Grimm or Kiril. Give em a try. I recommend to put all colors on the defense, as long as you don’t have a special strong element combination or almost maxed one shot kill hitters. The weaker you are, the more healing you’ll need imho.

Offense could be adjusted to the opponent. At least two strong colored against the center and another two agsinst the most annoying enemy. Same for world stages. Two or three against the boss color and much healing.

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With your currently levelled heros I think the order should be Grimm-Bold-kashrek-sartanna-chao , looks like you’re fairly knew but spending a bit on the game , you need a pretty versatile offence in this game, a few heros of each color, and it changes depending on who you fight, when you get to the point of deciding who to use your important ascension mats on, that will be the next big step. Keep levelling those heros! You have some good ones

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Thank you Rhea I have tried your line up suggestion and it’s going well. Just got Magni and Frida, but debating which one to level up out of the two to use with what I have

Eventually magni is a great flank. Frida is a good hero but works best with others. For example multi blue on an offensive team. I find shes not quite as effective as evelyn or guardian panther solo because her skill being average and not fast, it’s not likely she will benefit from using her ability again while her debuffs are still on.

I’d just continue to level up your good heros like magni and find what works best for your defence as you acquire more. You are getting some higher tier heros faster than you can develop them lol, which is a good problem to have.

In the short term I’d get magni up to 3-70. Kashrek will remain a decent tank for quite a ways into platinum league.

Bold- magni (once levelled a bit)- kashrek- sartana- ( some op hero you don’t have yet but at this rate probably will soon)

I also like Qoh as your right flank beside kash, itll probably be a while before you get the mats to final ascend a true tank for your defence sonata 3-70 that’s a good spot for her.

Bold-magni-kash-Qoh-sartanna .

Thanks Rhea I actually ended up going with Frida to team up with Grimm, kash, Sartana, and Bold not in that order. Grimm and Frida are at the ends once I get Frida up in level. QOH was my next pick to level up and also continue with Evelyn too. You have given me some things to think about though. Thank you. Oh also what does op mean?

You’re going to be a force @Medxavier . With that element and standard defense debuff I’d hate to be a fire titan. OP is just slang I’ve heard around gaming, if I’m not mistaken it means “over powered” but I just state it as best of the best. For example Gravemaker is OP, the Atomos I pulled is if heros were vehicles he would be a trash compactor, or a mini coop.

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