Better blue tank... Kiril, or Isarnia?

What do you guys think?

Kiril. Isarnia can’t survive at tank without emblems.


As usual “it depends”. Both are valuable heroes, but they serve very different roles.

Kiril is probably your best bet. He’s a grade-A utility hero that’s tough as nails. Not only do those +attack and +defense buffs add to your team’s strength, but they also flip -attack and -defense ailments. Bringing Kiril against, say, Santa Claus, pretty much negates the effect of his cast on your team. And, as a 4*, Kiril is going to be easier and cheaper to max.

Isarnia is a powerful attacker, but very squishy and slow. That’s not a great combo, as squishy, slow heroes often don’t live to cast. When she does cast, though, it’s a game changer. For her to be even plausibly effective, though, she’ll need to be 4th ascension. Do you have the 6 telescopes, 8 Warm Capes, 1 Damascus blade and 1 Tome of Tactics needed to get her to 4th ascension? If not, I’d work on Kiril.

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Apologies… I didn’t provide a lot of info. I have Kiril at +7, and Isarnia at 2-42. We use blue tanks in war, but my best blue tank is Kiril. I was considering maxing Isarnia (I have the mats), removing the emblems from Kiril, and starting to dump all of my wizard emblems on Isarnia. I have 238 additional wizard emblems beyond the 143 that I would get back after using a reset token on Kiril. Would 371 emblems be enough to make Isarnia sturdy enough to work at tank? Regardless, Isarnia is my current blue project, so I’m getting her to 3-70 at a minimum. I was also considering pulling for Aegir and/or Alberich next month. I wouldn’t max Isarnia until after seeing if I got Aegir. I was just trying to strategize ahead of time so I am sure to be on a smart path.

Another vote for Kiril as a tank. He will be very useful all the way to diamond arena. His minor healing and attack + def buff even for 3 rounds is more than enough.
As a tank, Isarnia will never live long enough to cast her special. You don’t even need to stack green against her.

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And I misunderstood the question. I agree with the others – until Isarnia is at 4/60 or so, don’t even think of her at tank. Even then, I think Kiril at +7 is going to be a better bet. Isarnia is best on flank, not tank, but if your alliance is running blue tanks, that’s not an option.


I have Kiril flanked by a +4 GM and a +8 BT, so he does pretty well in war. On raid defense, GM is my tank. My raid defense is Seshat 4-76, Rana 4-71, Gravemaker +4, Rigard +12, Caedmon +9. I’m not so sure Isarnia would work in my raid defense, but if I were to try it, I think I would go Isarnia, Seshat, Rana, Rigard, Gravemaker. Does Isarnia make sense on the wing? I doubt that would be a good move. Ordering that team could be tricky regardless.

I don’t like slow mana heroes on the wing (unless they revive == Alberich or Mother North, who belong on the left wing). On the wing they can be safely ignored until you’ve cleaned out the middle.

I’d arrange those five as Seshat, Isarnia, Rana, Rigard, Gravemaker.


I excitedly maxed Isarnia. After several months of using her, I’m disappointed and wish I could get my scopes back. I use her on red titans, just for the tile damage as she’s almost always dead. I recommend saving your scopes for magni or another blue 5*.

Kiril is top notch. I use him often. I think he performs at tank better than Issy.

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Ok. One more question, if you don’t mind. If I emblem Rana, do I do defensive or offensive path? My thought is defense since she’d be my tank. Or do I just leave things as-is for now and wait for better blue and green 5*'s? My best green is Margaret, and she’s not getting my tonics.

I agree; in a tank role, the Def > HP > Att route makes most sense.

I often prefer HP > Def > Att because of durability against DoT, but as a Monk she is less likely to get afflicted with DoT.