Best Tanks

So we know that Red has the best tanks overall, purple is tanky, blue is okay with tanks as well, yellow and green hmmm…

I maxed Li Xiu as my only yellow tank, but Is Kashhrek worth leveling to use as a green tank or period?

Currently I have Boril/Cyprian/Boldtusk/Kiril being leveled, I also have Rigard/Sabina/Tibs/Gormek who can be good flanks. As for green I have an unleveled LittleJohn but not sure if he’s worth leveling to use as a tank. My current green team that I use is more about snipers and offense, Lianna Caedmon and Hansel, with Mel as a healer.

My green 5* will not get my ascension materials as I feel they are not worth it (Atomos/Horghall/Kadilen) minus Lianna.

Kashrek is a decent tank up until low-to-mid platinum (depending on overall defense team set-up). If you’re ready to move into diamond sooner than you’ll have Kashrek maxed, it won’t be worth it.

Kadilen is decent on flank or wing if maxed, and I’ll definitely plan to max her - at this stage as my first 5* green in lack of better options, although between now and when I get all the tonics a lot might happen.

As for 4* tanks, Boril is decent for blue, Cyprian for purple, Li for yellow, and BT for red.


So I’ve done well with the tanks I’ve chosen thus far which is Cyp/Li/BT, Blue and Green tank are the only two I haven’t solidified yet

Based on what you said, maybe I can just get Kadilen up to 3/70 she’s currently on 2/1 (I stopped when I got Lianna), and keep green as an attack stack coupled with the tanks I already have as defense or something like that. Don’t want to level Kash all the way up if he’s not a worth it.

Do you have Gad? What other Atlantis family 3/4 do you have?

Gad is Gaderius right? If so then yes I have him but I hear he’s not that great, the only other Atlantis 4*s I have are Proteus and Triton.

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Those are exactly the two you need to go with him. He’s better than Kash, a poor mans Ares, can help w titans being only green atk up, and with Proteus, Triton, Melia, Mnessus gets the full def family bonus. It’s bonkers how high his def will go. 1000+


@LadyAchilles You have one of the best dark heroes in the game! Proteus pairs really well with a mana cutter hero like Li Xiu, Chao, Little John, Leonidas to name a few. Proteus shines really well in raids, elite enemy levels, and levels that have multiple bosses in one stage. I know if I get a dupe of him next Atlantis summon, I am gonna keep him.

That being said, imho he is too squishy to be in the tank role. I typically throw him in the very back left just hoping the AI will leave him alone. When I get more emblems, I am gonna increase his defense and health as much as possible to make him a bit more beefy.

Bottom line, use Proteus in all aspects of the game. He is a big game changer.

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@keyz wow I can’t believe you took TWO 3* heroes up against that team, but I guess because the entire family it worked well, and I have Melia and Mnesseus as well so that’s awesome! Okay I guess I will make Gaderius my next green to level after I finish my current (Caed/Mel/Hansel/Lianna). I will eventually still level Kash because I see him as a tank on a LOT of teams, but given my roster and the amount of tanks I already have, I don’t think he needs immediate priority in leveling

@Aunty_Krauser yes I’m very excited. Right now I’m maxing Cyprian as I had him before I pulled Proteus, and getting Seshat to 3/70 (she’s currently on 3/23), but Proteus is my very next dark hero to max out and I’m gonna give him the emblems in his class, with +20 he’s in the 700s for attack AND defense!

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Haha yes but just for illustration purposes. I too, wanted a 4* green tank awhile back and settled on Gad over Kash. Just seemed like he’s be more useful later on. Of course you could just stick with the trio of Gad, Triton, and Proteus(who you should max asap for many reasons) and put in different yellow/red to the team. BT and Li fit the bill there.


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