Help with big decision: Frida or Magni

I saw someone say something about this above but I’ll chuck in my 2 cents

I would actually advocate for Magni.

Reason being is

  1. Frida is usable at 3/70. Magni is not.
  2. Magni is fast vs. Frida who is average
  3. emblems… Nothing more on that

In honesty, the main reason is #1

Magni you take for his offensive sniping… More levels equals more attack equals more damage… I.e. the higher level you take him, the more deadly he becomes… The defence buff is really just a bonus imo…

Frida on the other hand, I personally take for the elemental defence down and the debuff… Neither of those change by ascending her to 4th tier… The damage she does is meh comparatively so her main benefit is the debuff, elemental weakness and the elemental link…

So yeah, my personal vote is Magni and is in fact what O have done on my account… No regrets either :slight_smile:

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