Long term blue strategy?

I currently have:
Kiril +6, Sonyia +7, Triton +5. Also have 1 dups of each unlevelled
Frida @ 3.70 and Magni @ 2.60.
Boril @ 3.60.
I thinking of ascending Magni, but the real question is: who would be better in the long run, Frida or Magni?
I only have 3 scopes now.
I’m more interested in titans,wars and events, beside the maps. Raids are not a concern currently.
Thank you for any suggestions.
Have fun.

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Triton is already a good sniper. Frida will add more to a blue stack, especially against Titans, because of her elemental debuff. Frida + Kiril + Triton will give you a single super powerful hit with specials plus excellent tile damage.


Triton is a good sniper, but a maxed 5* sniper significantly better, not just a little step up. Snipers don’t do well sitting at 3.70 though, so Magni isn’t going to shine unless you max him. Frida is great, but her biggest contribution is her elemental debuff, which should be maxed at 3.70, so you don’t need to max her for her to bring her best contribution to an attack or titan stack. If you max Magni he will deal massive damage to anyone Frida hits (especially if you have Kiril involved too), and he will be great against red titans with his massive attack stat.

In the big picture, both are excellent heroes and deserve to be maxed, but I think a 3.70 Frida is much more useful than a 3.70 Magni, so using the scopes on Magni should bring more value.


Frida at 3-70 and Magni at 4-80 is far better than Frida 4-80 and Magni at 3-70.

Both are great. No doubt Frida is better at titans (but can be kept alive with potions). Magni is a great fast sniper and will help in every aspect of the game.

You can’t really go wrong with either.


Why do you skip raids? You ll miss color chests if dont complete your raid chest often. You miss an opportunity to collect more mats.

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Frida 100%. D ont bother with the “ this guys better at 3/70” crap. You’ll use Frida forever in a blue stack when you want dispel 3 / elemental down… when any sniper you get in the future will replace Magni. Always give mats to the best choice


The main reason is most of the teams in the revenge queue have 2,3 5*'s maxed+. I only have 4*'s maxed, and i cannot kill then all in 1 battle. Stacking don’t solve that issue.
In wars i do fight similar teams, and it take 2 flags to wipe them out.
And I’m not very lucky when it come to boards.
Have fun.

PS: The defense team is keeping me around 1800 cups.

I have both fully maxed and use Frida much more often than Magni. She is my tank on defense tbh. Prob not the best tank there is but i range from 2700-2300 cups daily.

My def team is Lianna-Sartana-Frida- Grazul-Joon. All fully maxed with at least 7 talents and i am about at 4290 overall or so.

For red titans i use Grimm-Athena-Frida-Magni-Kiril and haven’t broke 100k yet but could if the boards work my way. My record is 73k or so.

Anyway, surely i am not using an optimal lineup but i have fun and that’s all that matters imo!

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Frida. The bear makes all other blues better from all offensive aspects.


For the short term, this would be the best return on your mats. Especially if you are facing sub 10* titans and your war targets’ defenses are a mix of 4*/5* where Frida 3/70 can be effective.

On defense, 100% Magni vs Frida.

Based on your other blues being 4*, I’m in agreement with @Killen-time.

You can use Frida at 3/70 in the above environment much more than Magni 3/70.


You should be able to compete against few 5* with your 4. My roster is mainly based on 4* still i can defeat 5* def team in diamond.

The point is if you take a close look to stats, attack stat from 4* are really close to 5, the main diff is in hp & def. Which means with a average to good board you can defeat them, especialy if you stack colors.

Btw raid compit will increase your understanding of the game and your board management.

At least do your chest to unblock colour chest.


Thank you all for your inputs.
I will bring Magni to 3.70.
I got Frida days after i started playing, and i believe that she will get the scopes first, i plan to set her in my defense team as a flank when i get a good tank(Kiril or Gormek are it for now).
As an aside i just did a few raids and in 1 my all team got oneshotted by i think Arzog, but did win a few without too much trouble. Still taking on 5* s with only 4’s is not easy, got lucky a couple of times.
Again thanks for the inputs.
Have fun.

Similar question- I have Aegir & Frida maxed, with Magni, Miki and Master Lepus all at 3/70.

I’m waiting on one more scope - but who gets it? I’m leaning towards Lepus as he hits hard & fast and don’t have many blue snipers.

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You won’t go wrong with any one of them.

But only choose Miki if you are going against high titans.

Frida is my baby my magni has been 3.70 for a while . I ascended ariel before him. I’m gonna ascend misandra before him as well…unless he ends up getting a costume which I’m pretty sure he will so… still frida is awesome especially combined with Grimm and kiril