Help with 5* red choice

Hey guys I currently only have one set of rings and three to pick from and I’m struggling to decide which one would really appreciate what everyone thinks, thanks :blush::blush:

I already have jf, mitsoku, marj, grazul and tyr maxed and I use boldtusk (costume bonus) for a healer.

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Do you mono?

Grave would be a nice replacement for JF.
Gotta love zim for her cleanse. (If you run 4/1 with a rigard cleanse, then that’s make her less necessary)
And many alliance are moving towards red tanks… garnet makes it annoying. (But GM could serve this role too)

So overall… GM gets my vote… without knowing playstyle or roster.


Wow that is very tough decision need to be made.

Those 3 worth to be maxed eventually.

I might do this queue:

  1. GM
  2. ZIM
  3. Garnet

Thanks for the reply! I run mono currently using bt, mitsoku, jf, tyr and gefjon/marj depending on whether there are minions around :joy::ok_hand:

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I’m actually considering either garnet or grave for tank once I have decided on maxing them I have krampus atm but I think he may work better for me on the flank :slight_smile:

What @Math4lyfe said. Very fast mana is very fast mana. One of the early 2nd generation of HOTMs released in 2018, terrorizing us noobs back then as we have no counter for him firing more often than you want to and the lingering burn that it was amazing how this hero could serve as tank, flank or at the wings. I have 2 GM’s maxed obtain from the early months of Atlantis and 1st Tavern of Legends, and the third one unleveled gotten from the 2nd Legends portal. The great thing about GM is that he is still very used even in the current times after his love triangle in the GTV defense core a few months back.

I just wish I have your other two fire legendaries as I have 28 rings with noone to spend to.


GM is one of the most versatile hero. He can be placed in any position either in defense or offense.

U won’t regret maxing, embleming and trooping him


Thanks everyone!! I was torn between garnet and grave but I think gravey baby wins!! I do have 2 of him and will max a second but I think I will do the second after garnet and zim!! Got mine from tavern too! :blush:


I would definitely call it Garnet. :ok_hand:

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Garnet has been holding her own as a tank recently. Have Cobalt on wing, and maybe toss Onyx in for the family bonus. GM and Zim are also solid options. GM functions best as flank, and Zim, from my experiences against her, is best on wing. It also deoends on what you need. Tank wise, Garnet, any other scenario, GM

Garnet is the proper choice…nuff said

Then do Gravey first since he’s an excellent replacement for JF. Once you collect a second set of rings Garnet should be ascended without hesitation as she’s essentially an upgraded version of Grazul and is amazing against the stubborn GTV holdouts and the new Frigg meta. I say upgraded because she can overheal instead of doing a regular 15% heal, and ninja speed also means if you don’t care for the lv 2 or lv 3 charges then she charges in 2 matches without a mana troop, providing a lot of flexibility.

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I have onyx and jade also although don’t have the mats to finish jade yet sitting on 1 tonic as I just finished francine, at the moment I run krampus as my tank but looking to stick him in wing and get a new tank in there :grin:

Onyx is sitting on my def team waiting on the meat and Iron to finish his emblem path sitting on 15 atm if that helps :weary::grin:

Ooo I also only have enough emblems for garnet to only go 3 nodes as krampus has them all :sweat_smile:

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