When to work on 5*

After realizing how useful max 4s are vs 3-70 5*, I’ve paused my levelling of 5s.

I now have 6 rings, 6 darts, 5 scopes, (less of tabards and tonics), 7 Damascus blades and 3 tomes

I could ascend azlar soon or finish up Wilbur (only 4 hidden blades). Maxed reds are gormek and Kellie.

Vivica, Ranvir (both in third Tier). Maxed are jackel, chao

Richard and magni at 1-1. Maxed Sonya, Kiril and soon Triton and just got Grimm. Was going to work on Grimm next, but should I start one of my 5s?

Purple and green, still going to work on my 4s until I get to 5 for their mats. But I have merlin, Sabina, tibs (third tier). Mel, Glad, caedemon.

Have most of the classic 4s but all are 1-1. Missing bloodtusk and LJ.

5s on deck, Morgan, Sartana and seshat. Going to wait till I get more mats before starting them.

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Finish up on wilbur and def finish Ranvir since you have the mats already. Those 2 should be your priority right now as they will immensely help you titan scores.

Start working on Magni since you are 1 scope away.
Merlin next for purple for war, event, and titan mana control. Sesh and Sart are decent at 3.70 when mats are available but I think a fully levelled Merlin will be more helpful for now. Green go either Caed or Mel depending on if you are healer or sniper lacking.


Red - Wilbur first then Azlar

Yellow - Ranvir

Blue - Magni (you should be able to up him with luck or the next Frostmarch)



Just got azlar to 3-70 and was close to ascending but checked here first. I’ll finish Wilbur.

Mel and merlin are max with a few emblems.

I’ll start magni and seshat when I finish Tibertus and Triton. At least feeding them 1* for now

Just to add for titans, my alliance is only on 5 and 6* and I’m either A+ or A scores… Should I still prioritize Wilbur and Ranvir? It’s rare a hero dies on me on Titan fights at this level.

personally what i did as reference

  • first do 2 x *5 and 3 x *4 (color feeding)
  • then do another 2x *5 different color when first 2 are done and do final 1 *5 diff color (color feeding)
  • after get 5 x *5 , i did *4 till 25 for war bench , totally i got 5 x *5 and 25 *4 = 30 heroes (still color feeding)
  • after got 30 heroes , i only do *5 with rainbow feeding , if i run out of *4 mats , i will keep feeder (TC11) and food ( TC13 ) , wait for mats and do power level if got enough mats.

Yup! Nice on being A+! Even still, it will help your alliance out the more dmg output you do. Plus, levelling them will make them a lot more sturdier once you guys move up the titan chain. Bigger titans= more chance at loot. You’ll be an allstar w Ran and Will running together fully powered!

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Great thanks, had a bunch of red feeders eating my cap space waiting on a red decision. Ascended Wilbur and will max him.

Good luck! Forgot to welcome you to the community!


Ty, been lurking for months and learned a lot. Finally got the mats and enough heroes to ask for advice.

I’m in a similar situation, except we are actually maxing out around 3-star Titans due to our small alliance size (4-5 active players; friends and family alliance). I’m pretty easily doing twice to three times the damage of anyone else in my alliance (been playing longer, and had better summoning luck). If that’s you, you could max Ranvir and your Titan scores go way up, and your alliance still wouldn’t get much better Titans to fight.

So, how much better are you than the other folks in your alliance, and do you see that changing any time soon? If the answer is that you will probably be the Big Kahuna for a while yet, you might consider Vivica. Five-star healers are very rare, and while she won’t help with Titans, she could potentially help everywhere else. I have both Wu and Ranvir, and I haven’t touched either one yet because a) I have a ton of good yellows; b) I have needs related to class trials that are more important to me right now; and c) I don’t think I would move the needle on the Titan levels we fight even if I had either one of them ready. I will take Ranvir to 2^60 next, I think, but it is as much for his druid class as for Titans. I have read that his special has to be at or near max for him to be really useful, so I hope to accomplish that as well, then try him on Titans and see how it goes. He isn’t going to die at 2^60 against the Titans we fight anyway. Maybe I’ll be really impressed. I could see giving him orbs to go to 3^70, but when it comes to darts, I can’t imagine him leapfrogging Onatel or Leonidas for me.

I definitely agree with the others about finishing Wilbur. I wish I had him to work on. As much as I like Gormek (my best red), Wilbur would be better, and he is a non-yellow monk, which seems hard to come by for class trials. I’d also think pretty hard about maxing that Grimm before starting Magni or Richard. Grimm is a beast, and he does really well on barbarian class trials because the mobs/bosses are heavily red. Are you currently finishing all stages of the barbarian trials? If not, I’d go Grimm. Azlar will want all those emblems when you max him.

The competition is less in terms of good yellows, and you have the darts, so I think the time is right to work on Vivica or Ranvir. For red and blue, I think you have really strong four-star options that you can max faster and get more use out of. I have applied this advice myself. I maxed Poseidon (my only max five-star) pretty much immediately, but I have put Domitia and Thorne on hold multiple times for useful three- and four-stars in their respective colors. I’m back to Domitia again, but Thorne is waiting on Kiril. I also have Leonidas waiting to proceed past 2^60 and Ranvir waiting to get off 1^1 while i finish Li Xiu (who I didn’t have when working on Poseidon). If you do decide to do a five-star blue, definitely Magni over Richard. Good luck.


I’m in a relatively new/starter alliance and recently been promoted to leader. I share my knowledge I learned from all you guys here lol

We have 3 or 4 in plat range, so the top 3 will constantly be the A group. I have very good yellows so I crush everyone on purple titans, usually double. But the other colours, it’ll be close who will come out A+. The lower members are getting stronger and will hit over 100k soon. I’m fairly c2p so it’s only a matter of time before the newer members will catch up and surpass me lol. They have better heroes then me, but I have a deeper (and more levelled) bench. We have around 20 hitters, but since we have no cup requirements, many are low levelled. We might change that, as some of the senior members want to hit higher * Titans for mats.

I still have some time before Ranvir or Vivica are 3-70, so I’ll see which will help more at final tier. I also just got Wu but Ranvir is so levelled, he’s staying at 1-1 for a while. I was leaning towards Vivica as right now, I don’t have problems keeping Ranvir alive. I don’t have a team cleanser as I also just got rigard (1-1 still)

I’ve wanted Grimm for sooooo long, but tc20 refused to give him to me until a couple days ago lol. With a maxed gormek and soon maxed tib, I’m not sure if Grimm is needed and skip him for now and work on a 5. Even though magni is a better hero, I feel I don’t really have a 5* tank and Richard might be more useful than magni?

As I rely on tc20 for 5s, I don’t really expect to get more lol. Tc20 had treated me well though. But a possible like up would be


If I had magni levelled, not sure who would tank and his defense up will collide with Vivica… But he sure does hit hard!

In this case, Ranvir could be a really good choice then.

This is a good plan. I have heard, from people that have her, that Vivica can be decent at 3^70. And you should have Ranvir’s special maxed by that level, so you will know how much he’s boosting your Titan damage as well.

I might consider pausing all other purples and maxing Rigard. I got him late also, and I underestimated how good he is. He’s really good. I now have him maxed with emblems. You can clear all the really scary stuff (Azlar’s burn, Proteus’ mana lock, etc.) with Rigard. Maybe he becomes a little less important if you start taking Vivica to 3^70 immediately, but don’t neglect him regardless. Remember, he’s average mana vs. Vivica’s slow.

I have all three maxed - Gormek and Tiburtus heavily emblemed - and I don’t regret it a bit. You need six teams for AW, and a defense down hero on every team can make a huge difference. Who is in your blue stack for red titans? Grimm can give you a defense down hero there, too, boosting your scores. Plus, his tile damage is unreal. Since you are still having a debate on Magni vs. Richard, maybe work on Grimm and see what your situation is then. Perhaps you will have pulled a more clear-cut tank.


Not sure how to do that fancy quote reply lol

Ranvir is pretty levelled, around 3-55? So his special is maxed and been using home for while. Vivica is only around 3-5 or so.

Yeah, I’ve been telling people in my alliance to level rigard, but I haven’t had him till now. I either start him or work on a 5 next. I have a bunch of healers though. I rely on Merlin to prevent those big hits right now.

My blue stack is Sonya, Kiril, Triton, Ranvir, Wilbur. Sonya is +6, but Grimm could replace her? (Or magni eventually)

Forgot to add, I complete those trials with axes, bombs and dragon attacks lol. I just need 1 hero to get to final round

Just select the text you want to quote, and you should get a little box that says “Quote”. Just select that.

Can’t have too many healers. You can use at least one on each war team, maybe two. I need him for class trials because he’s a better cleric healer than Hawkmoon, and I don’t have Vivica like you.

Mana control is awesome, right? Love my Onatel for the same reason.

I’d probably switch him in for Wilbur. Grimm will boost your blue tile damage by a lot, and you can still get the defense down of Wilbur, although I think it is a little smaller in magnitude and duration. You can get the defense up of Wilbur from Kiril. If you still need Wilbur, though, yes, I’d switch out Sonya.

Then you could probably reduce your item use by adding Grimm to the mix.


I think I’ll get Grimm to atleast 3-60, maybe I’ll get 1 more scope and motivate me to do a 5. I have enough capes for 2 more blue, but will be getting low on compasses soon, down to 3 now

Shiloh is ending today. Next is Morlovia, then Farholme with a compass, I think, so that should help. Next would be Mt. Umber, then Shrikewood, then Frostmarch (for your last scope). Maybe your Grimm will be at least to 3^60, maybe close to 4^70 by then.

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Red: Wilbur for sure

Yellow: Vivica. If you are on 5 and 6* titans, I would not level Ranvir before Vivica. You won’t see much improvement from maxing him.

Blue: I’d go with Magni but I can’t answer expertly on those specific hero’s.

Good luck!


Yeah, ascended Wilbur already.

Gonna get Vivica and Ranvir to 3-70 as nd decide. Unless we make it to harder titans, I agree about Vivica first.

I was initially hopping to pull a yellow sniper, but I did a 100 coin Atlantis pull and got mangi and seshat together. My best pull ever!

You were asking about Grimm - I love running Kiril, Rigard, Grimm, Tibs and Sonya on raids and some levels on S2 hard, 2 healers may be slow, but with Grimm and Tibs everything is speeding up. Sonya is there as dispeller. Works out great :slight_smile:

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