5* yellow and green ascension help

Hey guys, i need advice on which 5* yellow to work on next ( i have the mats). Here is my yellow mono team:

And here are the possible candidates:

I’m not really considering justice, but i wonder if leo could be a good replacement for chao, or should inari go there instead of wukong. I don’t care for defense teams that much that will come later, good team for offense play is my primary goal.

Here is the rest of my war bench should you feel it’s necessary for an informed decision. My blue,red and purple choices are clear since it’s what i have, but i also welcome the advice for the green 5*, marge or elk and who should they replace on the green team (also have mats ready)

Thank you all!

I do like Inari here. She has very high tile damage (3rd highest in the game now that Magaret has slightly ursuped her position) and her special is unique. She is great for your titan team as a result because she hits like a truck and increases your hero’s survival especially with high level titans.

Yellow: for titans - Leonidas (awesome mana reduction)
Green: don’t waste your mats on Margaret or Elk

I’ve yet to read up on people’s opinions on inari (got her today from coins) but i do know her minions could slow down the overall performance on titans with their animation.

I like her tile damage and all team dodge but i also like Leo’s mana reduction and potential synergy with guardian jackal.

I am leaning toward inari slightly for now but not sure if that is the way to go for sure.

As for marge and elk, i realize elk is not a great hitter and marge would be better levelled after i have a decent green sniper but i have to play with what i have. And my tc20 has been so generous past 3 months im afraid i used all of my luck!

Bit off topic, but how do you get extra team slots on top of the 5 standard ones?

Simple, pay gems for more team slots.
Nothing in this game cannot be had for £££

lol course.
Where tho?

Resources tab in the shop

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