Next 5 projects, Red and questions

I am working on my 3rd generation of 5s. Currently, I have:
Zim +7
Ares +5
Kage +6
Kunchen +6
Evelyn +5
…and Magni +5

I can give final ascension to my blue, red and purple 5s. I have Azlar, another Zim and Anzogh at 2/60 and just drew a Marj. The plan was to see Anzogh and Wilbur work together, but I wanted some input as to who should get the rings.

Purple, I have 2 Doms, one at 3/70. I am guessing I should just pull that trigger. Alasie is my blue, no question there. Thanks in advance.

You def have a luxury problem lol. I don’t have most the heros you have but I think don would work well on yellow titans her and Kutchen both have holy protection buffs and for the red marjana just cuz she is a decent hitter where as your other reds are not snipers.

I’d go Anzogh, I do like the idea of firing him and Wilbur at same time, should be very nasty, and almost an instant win! Only problem is you don’t have much pure hitting power in red, so if there is any chance of getting a sniper instead you might like to wait?

Hard to advise on remainder, as you haven’t given choices.

I believe Domitia is pretty serviceable after her v20 buff. If you have tonnes of tabards go for it!

Alasie selects herself, good call

Thanks, sort of confirms my thought process. I will likely wait for Atlantis before using rings just in case GM shows up.

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