Help with 3* and 4* heroes and who to work on

I need help.

I’ve been an active player for 3+ years and I’ve only recently started working on my 3* and 4* heroes. I focused on my 5* heroes and troops, to perform better in war, but in the process I completely neglected my 3* and 4* heroes.

Who should, from heroes on the photos, be my next project/s? I have 10ish 3* heroes leveled (Kvasir, Bertulf, Grevle, Bjorn, red and blue Valhalla 3s can’t remember their names, Vodnik, Poppy, Aderyn, Frosty, Treevil and Shrubear I think) and a bit more of 4*.

Thanks a bunch!
Thanks a bunch!

Nordri and Falcon pop out first for EDD. Even if you have EDD for five stars, you can use them in three star arenas.
Candy because I always need healers of whatever variety.
Ferant, a top tier hero in general, not just among fours.
Wilbur because he’s the backbone of four star challenge events.


Ok for your 4* heroes I would definitely 100% definitely max out:
Guardian Falcon, Wilbur, Anton, Ferant , Wren, Orla, Buddy, Sir Lancelot
And for your 3* heroes focus on:
Gnomer, Sally, Gramps, Candy, Whacker, Shrekok, Bauchan, Nordri
Good luck


I use King Arthur for EDD, but agree I need more for other purposes. I’ve only recently started participating in tournaments (I know, I know :deaf_woman: )

Fun fact, I pulled this copy of Wilbur during Black Friday, but pulled him first somewhere in 2019. and twice more in 2020. and fed him three times :deaf_woman: I’ve been chasing him for around a year and a half when I discovered his potential.

So, all of my 3* and 4* :sweat_smile: Just kidding, thanks a lot :upside_down_face:

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Honestly they are good and I would (have …)

Falcon, Ferant, Wilbur, Nordri, Bauchan.
Ferant is awesome fully emblemd LB.
Good luck.

3*: nordi, candy, skrekok, bauchan, sally, gnomer and whacker (in no particular order)

4*: falcon, Wilbur, ferant, orla, anton and wren (curiously, reds and greens… Don’t you have more in purple and yellow?)
If they’re done, carol, peters, buddy en thettukh might also be good enough, but not as good as the first set.

  • forgot merlin and lancelot. They’re decent enough, so include in the second set.

You really have neglected your 3*/4*… Out of curiosity, what 5* do you have? In war I rely for 60 to 100 pct on my 4* heroes, as I only have about 20 leveled 5* and they definitely need support from my 4* collection.

These are my war heroes, even though I have more leveled at 3-70. You can see here I have 4* leveled, but not many (there are more, just not on the photos).

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Definitely alot of great 3* and 4* heroes you have. One thing I’ve learned over time is this: a maxed 4* will outperform a 5* hero at 3.70

Maxed and LB and emblemed event 4* will outperform any 4/80 5* and some even partially emblemed, especially s1

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Here’s how I would personally prioritize the 3s


Here’s how I feel about the 4s

FERANT…imho before you work on any other heroes at all. Level this guy, LB and fully emblem him. He’s a monster especially paired with another wolf.

Orla is great but I think slayers need to be used at least two at a time or they’re just too slow. So I think she’s great, but may hold off until I get like cilian or aohdan.

Good luck.