Help me build my teams, please

Hey! After I spent all my coins and gems on Atlantis, I have narrowed down all my heroes into 5 teams.
Got my first 5 stars too. I need advice from more experienced players - what are the best configurations from what I have?

Little John, Boril, Ares, Inari, Balthazar

Also you can replace Balthazar for Skitleskull till you will not have better Purple Heores

You have a solid 3* hero team with Azar, Hawkmoon, Balthazar, Berden, Bane x2 and Ulmer (almost) maxed.

I would tell you to focus on 4* heroes first, because they are;

  1. Easier to ascend as they need less (and less rare) materials for their final ascension compared to 5* heroes.
  2. They are usually stronger at 4.70 compared to 3/70 5* heroes.
  3. 4* hero teams are totally capable of beating all quests and events in order to obtain more ascension materials.

The 4* star heroes you have are Boril 3/60, Skittleskull 3/24, Little John 2/37, Danzaburo 1/13 and Wilbur 1/1.

In my opinion you would be better of with Little John instead of Skittleskull. Little John deals more tile damage and his mana control special attack will be more effective. Especially now that you have Wilbur who will contribute a lot to your survivability, which Skittleskull also does. I would suggest to stop working on Skittle and move to Little John.

Wilbur. Great hero. Don’t doubt about ascending him. His special attack is very useful for basically everything in this game. I wish I had him. :wink:

Since Boril is your own blue 4* I would continue with him if you have the materials. If not, continue with Ulmer. Boril’s Perfect Riposte special attack will also be very valuable during quests, events, titans or raids which appear to be difficult.

Now comes the ‘‘problem’’. Danzaburo is alright, but not everyone likes his gambling special attack as he could also do literally nothing. He will more often do something great though, so now that you do not have many choices I would definitely consider leveling him up to 3/60. I believe that he will be of more value to your general attack team than Inari. Inari will be great for titans and raid offense/defense, but only valuable on final boss stages of quests and events. My 2 cents; level up Danzaburo to 3/60 and perhaps by then you will have a better more versatile yellow hero.

As you don’t have another purple 4* hero, I would level up Tyrum for his ability to dispell buffs from all enemies. You can however use your purple feeders in a different way, I’ll explain soon.

For now, I would work on Little John, Wilbur, Danzaburo and Boril/Ulmer.

But you lack a healer. To play the map, beat quests and events I would add Hawkmoon to your team with Little John, Boril, Danzaburo and Wilbur. Instead of leveling up Tyrum, you could also spend your purple feeders to level up Ares. Ares at 2/60 (I would focus on maxing Wilbur first) when paired with Wilbur is also a nice combination.

Idealy your main attack team I would suggest is (in this order):
Little John, Ares, Wilbur, Boril and Danzaburo

Also, keep in mind that you want two attacking heroes next to Ares for his crit boost, but also two heroes next to Boril to benefit completely from Perfect Riposte.

Don’t throw away any of your 3* or higher heroes. You will need 30 of them for alliance wars.

Your current defense team could be something as:

Balthazar - Hawkmoon - Boril - Skittleskull - Bane (I would prefer this one, as I think healers should be either on tank or flank position)


Balthazar - Bane - Boril - Skittleskull - Hawkmoon

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Thanks, awesome reply!!!

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