4* Hero Advice for Attack/Defense/War/Ascension

Hero Level: 29
StrongHold: 20 (Just a few day ago)

Team Roster:


Wilbur 3/60
Boldtusk 3/60
Scarlett 3/60
Gravemaker 2/60
Sir Lancelot 3/1
Sumitomo 1/1


Kiril 3/60
Sonya 3/60
Triton 3/60


Melendor 3/60
Jack O’Hare 3/36
Brienne 3/50
Belith 3/50
Caedmon 4/60
Kashhrek 3/12
Gobbler 1/1


Rigard 4/70
Tiburtus 3/60
Merlin 3/60
Balthazar 3/50


Wu Kong 4/70
Bane 3/50
Gan Ju 3/50
Danzaburo 1/1


I can ascend a Purple, Blue, Red, Green, but only 3 of them.

I was thinking, Kiril, Boldtusk or maybe GM, then either Merlin or Tiburtus.

Raid Defense:

Suggestions for Raid Defense with these options, I’m trying to stick around 1800 cups.

War Defense:

Current Defense which seems to do well:

Triton, Wilbur, Rigard, Melendor, Gravemaker

Using Rigard for the much higher HP/Def at 4/70 but I know he’s not best.

Only recently got ascension materials to upgrade so can have better options now.

Kashrek is being leveled up for War Defense, is this a good idea why my current options?


Typically use Rigard/Melendor for debuffs/cleanse together or Caedmon, usually Wu Kong especially since he’s 4/70, then I’m never sure if I should use Wilbur/GM/Bold and then usually Kiril/Sonya maybe Triton.

I don’t have good Holy, so often struggle against purple, I use Bane/Ganju for yellow damage with Wu Kong.

Hey Defunct, welcome to the forums :slight_smile: Good job getting to level 20 on the stronghold, now you have can access training level 20, it’s expensive but so worth to keep running constantly.

Here’s my tl;dr:

Wilbur, Kiril, Melendor Caedmon, Merlin, Danzaburo

Long read:

Tie between Wilbur and Boldtusk imo, they’re both game-changing heroes. But I went with Wilbur because I chose two healers in your other colors, and Wilbur will be great help for your titan damage. Don’t do GM yet, until you have minimum 3 of your 4* red heroes maxed. In the time and amount of resources it takes to max a single 5*, you could also max two 4* heroes that you can color stack with for stronger tile damge :wink:

Kiril over the other two, because his boost is basically a dragon banner that heals. Very valuable to overwrite any attack and defense debuffs during raids, he counters a large range of heroes with his special. Besides for defense teams he’s a good tank to have.

I went with Melendor first, even though you already have Caedmon almost maxed (just needs a few more levels) you can never have too many dispellers. Melendor’s advantage is that comes with a heal, he also has fairly high attack for a support hero.
NVM, do Caedmon if he’s at 3/60. He’s faster than Melendor, which is more valuable in more situations for dispelling.

Merlin here because mindless attack is one of the best skill control status ailments in the game.

Danzaburo because you’re lacking other yellow heroes, but tbh he’s a decent hero despite the risky special attack.

This is a bit unrelated since you asked about 4*, but I personally recommend having at least 2~3 of each color for 3* and 4* heroes so you can participate in the color restricting quests and tournaments.

Some of the 3* heroes to look out for imo: Namahage, Nashgar, Gato, Valen, and either a duplicate Balthazar or one of Tyrum or Chochin. Don’t drop working on 4* for them though, you can wait until you’re getting a steady flow of feeders.

Yes, Kashhrek is a good tank overall. He’s passive but his fire shield makes the center sturdy.

I’d still recommend ascending Melendor first though, because he’ll be more useful in more situations besides just defense.


Was gonna weigh in here, but @DaveCozy has got this one covered. What he said.

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Thanks for the response, very helpful.

Caedmon is wrong, he’s 3/60 like the rest.

Also should I be using emblems on my 4star heroes or save them for 5star?

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I’d use them on the heroes @DaveCozy mentioned for now. They can basically bring 4* up to lower 5* levels. Plus once you get your 5* ready for emblems you can reset the 4* emblemed heroes you don’t feel are worth it.
Personally I emblem all my important 4* heroes, Rigard, BT, Kiril etc

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Oh okay, then do Caedmon first. He’s faster than Melendor.

Use the emblems on your 4*s, with them they become mini 5* heroes.

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