Help Team build

Hi all. At the moment I don’t know on who to concentrate. Who would be your favorites I should level up? And which chars you would put in a team vs titan, for Raids, for quests, which as a Off which as a Def team(at alliance wars) ? Thanks in advance!

Defense right now:
Sonya Rigard Li Gaderius Gormek

You may checkout several combinations later on when you’ll have multiple leveled heroes.

I’m a friend of leveling all by spreading colormatched feeders. Spend 1* up to say level 20 to 30 and collect until your feeding passes at least one level. But that depends on your roster and your needs.

Concentrate on 3 and 4 stars first and especially on your defense. 5* are so costly to level up in the beginning and your game could stuck due to that.

Teams should/could be adjusted individually for each battle to have advantages on the strong color and to counteract the deadlier threats.

Example red titan: Take at least 3 blue heroes and try to have at least one mana controller, a cleaner for bad status aliments and at best a buffer of both, attack and defense. Try to combine that with as much healing as you can.