Please help with my teams

Hi guys, I’m working on my teams but I feel like some of them aren’t working as well as they should. I’d like to switch them up a bit, any advice? Team 6&7 are heroes I’m working on next - which ones should I prioritise? Thanks in advance for your help!

Screenshot_20190830-124623_Empires Screenshot_20190830-124708_Empires Screenshot_20190830-124714_Empires Screenshot_20190830-124721_Empires Screenshot_20190830-124732_Empires Screenshot_20190830-124739_Empires Screenshot_20190830-124746_Empires Screenshot_20190830-124751_Empires

Are you looking for Defense help? Titan hits? Raiding will all depend on the teams you face, so that will constantly change.

As for heroes to work on next I’d suggest Tibs and Gormek. The D down ability will be very useful fighting titans and on raids. Plus they will be much quicker than 5*.

You’ll receive plenty of help/advice here but need a little clarification.

My 2 cents - prioritize falcon as he will do some magic on red stacking team (green titans especially) :slight_smile:

I was looking for help on raids and war mostly, best defense team would be cool. Also best attack - but obvs that depends on who I’m fighting I guess. Thank you :sunglasses:

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