Team building plan

I’m a relatively new player and I’m trying to figure out the best strategy for building my team. I currently have 5 teams total and I’m on level 17. Should I max up my primary team 1 before leveling up team 2? I have one 4* star red hero ready to ascend to level 2, one 3* yellow thats almost maxed, one 3* green hero that’s ascended to level 2, one 3* blue that’s almost ascended to level 2, and one 3* purple that’s just ascended to level 2. Then I have my 4 other teams, one of every element on each team. I haven’t really done much with them.

Focus on your primary team.

Level those heros so you can get the most out of your titan hits. Dont think too much about Alliance Wars and raids yet.

When you have 5 solid heros, then start thinking about leveling your other heros.

What you’re looking for in heros are these abilities:

Most important

  • Someone that lowers enemy armor
  • Someone that increases your attack power
  • Someone that heals
  • WuKong

Nice to have

  • Someone that dispells enemy buffs
  • Someone that purges your debuffs
  • Someone that lowers enemy attack power

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