Help Purple Heroes 5*

Good morning, a little help from you, a big help for me, I have 6 real Tabados and these Purple heroes .
for what hero are the 6 tabards, or wait !

And defense team

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With Seshat and Kunchen maxed I would choose Clarissa.


Depending on how you like to play…

Seshat is worth having a dupe of - if you want a sniper, I’d do her dupe before Domitia.

If you want AoE, MokArr is better than Quintus.

If you want a support (no Rigard costume) then Aeron would bring you more utility than a second Kunch.

If you like the Gravemaker style moderate hit-3 and DoT then Clarissa is a more defensive version - more durable, less damage.
If you’re looking for a target for Paladin emblems, she maybe jumps the queue… But unless you desperately want to strip Telly that’s not happening?

Sargasso… He’s limited. I’m sad that he didn’t get included in the latest buffs because he’s cool but he just doesn’t have enough practical application as it is. I wouldn’t unless he gets buffed.

IMHO… In order I’d do:
Seshat #2
Mok Arr.


Thank you very much for your answer, could you tell me what you mean by … a trick with Seshat?
Then what does AoE mean
And DoT?


AoE - area effect, so usually means hit-all.

DoT - damage over time.

This ?..please. It’s worth having a Seshat hoax: if you want a sniper, I’d do his hoax before Domitia.

It is possible that the google translator mistranslated a word for me and you mean having 2 Seshat.

Ahh “dupe” is short for duplicate!

So yes, talking about a second

dupe = duplicate = another copy of that hero

Thank you very much for the quick response and for the advice.

I prefer other Heroes, so Clarissa! But Seshat is really worth to be stronger for sure!

Thanks for your answer, which would be those heroes that you prefer?

You should go for Clarissa. It’s you’re only veryfast purple. It would be even better if you had a 5* mana troop for her :slight_smile: The Seshat+ Clarissa+ Costume Riggard combo work great against Telluria tanks!

Ursena and Kageburado are mighty:) Seshat is strong and Clarissa to purple team also, she is paladin and very fast, nice combo as a tank.

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