Some opinion please!

Hey guys, some opinion here please, this is my current defense team, not bad at all, but lately it’s giving me some headache, more loses than victories, i was thinking in change my team for this 2nd alternative, i don’t have much options, i have only heroes like Neith, Margaret, Domitia, Magni …

And this the 2nd team i was thinking, i can give the Clarissa’s emblems to Richard and Marjana’s emblems to Khiona, what about?:thinking:… alternative 1 or 2 is better?

Here’s my roster with other options, I’m poor of options at moment, I can finish Zulag, but she’s not a good option for the defense, also have material for Raffaele, Isarnia and Leonidas

I’m a long ways away from being the most expert player on this forum, but I can’t help thinking that a defense team without a healer is a mistake.

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The mistake is thinking a healer is necessary.


On the contrary healers are pretty useless except the ones that can tank.

We need your roster if you want us to help you with your defense

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I know what you mean, but not all healers are necessary

I updated the post, and added my poor options

I might keep Clarissa as tank and surround her with Magni, Lianna, Joon and Vanda.

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