Help on next legendary projects

I have 6 rings and 6 darts, so one red (Elena vs Santa vs Grazul there) and one yellow (Justice vs Leonidas). I also have 10 tonics so one green, but since there aren’t too many options for me then I’m taking Elkanen and I was hoping for your opinions on that. I tried, very hard for Kingston believe me and I will try for Evelyn in Atlantis but I think I really need to improve my green squad now. I’m one of the top attackers in my alliance and I want to be consistent against blue tanks.
I’m also out of good blue epic projects so I’m trying to decide who between Isarnia and Arthur will be grown to 3.70 to wait for 4 more scopes. For purple I’m pretty much set, and by the time I get 3 more tabards I’m confident there will be a new good purple legendary to play with.

I’ve come a long way since @Kerridoc, @NPNKY and @RandaPanduh gave me a lot of solid advice on my roster and now I’m just asking for a bit of help with some tough choices (shoutout to you good souls). Happy problems really but still problems. Thanks in advance everyone :slight_smile:


I’m voting for Grazul and Justice. Grazul’s very fast mana speed to me is way too valuable. I don’t have either Justice or Leonidas but in theory I think I’d like how Justice makes the whole other team have less accuracy.


Thanks man. That’s the first vote for Grazul. I wasnt such a big fan of her because of the very paltry heal amount but I’ll take her into consideration now. Justice is also strong and would do great in my war teams. The dilemma there is that Leo’s been waiting for so long and I also could use a good sniper at yellow.

I’m thinking Grazul, Leo, and Arthur are good choices.


I’m going to go Grazul and Justice. The chance to blind the opposing team is a very underrated special.
Grazul I was pleasantly surprised with. I didn’t think much of her due to her low heal and 2 turn immunity to status ailments. But being very fast,with leveled mana troops, makes her incredibly useful.
Timed right you no longer need to fear some of the most popular heroes any longer, gravemaker is neutered, as is a plethora of other regularly seen defense heroes.
I pulled her twice, not really caring for her because I didn’t really consider all the pieces. Then after watching her in action, and trying her myself, I was 100% sold. Not only am I leveling 1, both will be leveled as soon as I have the AM’s for the 2nd.


I am leaning towards Grazul and Justice myself. That blanket blind is very useful and Grazul’s mana speed will keep the team pretty healthy and shielded from any ailments.


If you have jackal, do Leo. The damage will be great and the self heal with be insane. Grazul for red unless you need a tank. Santa is a PITA as tank.


Grazul is looking like the winner for red. Any love for Elena? She will do great for my red Wilbur team along with Zim and Azlar, and would even be a good tank sometimes. The problem with her is slow mana and emblems will be hard to come by, with BT the current recipient and then Magni again. And also no love for Santa but I get that actually, I’ve had him for nearly a year and I’ve never seen his value except as tank, for which my roster has the most options.

It seems like an even match for Justice and Leo. Justice would be a nice fit for the same Wilbur war team as the kicker color, and could also be a good tank later on, perhaps for raid tourneys when purple is banned. But Leo seems like a good sniper as well, and yes he could be the difference in raids. I’m still torn between them.

Santa should go up.
Aegir flanked by Santa and Azlar would be slow, but hard…

Boldie Santa Aegir Azlar Zimi :boom:


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Elena never gets picked first for teams on my lineups. It’s always someone else and Elena. Food for thought.

(The costume coming out for her looks amazing though. Looks. I dont recall it’s abilities knocking me over, but it was my favorite for looks.)


Grazul. Underrated HOTM, especially on offense.

Holy…pick for stack synergy here and/or synergy with other potential lineups.

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Grazul and Leo. Justice is good as a tank, but not versatile enough for anything else. Honestly, for green, I’d take both Elk and Kad to 3/70 and see where you stand, before giving either one the tonics

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Not so sure about Grazul… You already have two great red healers, Ares and Boldtusk… Also Zim’s spirit link will heal 24% for your red stack, so I’d say, you’re pretty good on this chapter. Beside, you already used 18 rings, so I suppose you’re pretty low on those, so you should be really picky about them…What you miss in red is damage dealers and that’s Elena with her 800 attack state.


My tip would be to wait till you got 9 rings/darts for spending, you’ll be halfway when u get a nice hotm or atlantis hero.

Alright, let’s take a look :slightly_smiling_face:

Red: Honestly, all three have their place.

Elena - if you like stacking, and want some better tile damage for events and titans. Though, if you don’t try placing in events, her extra tile damage wouldn’t be nearly as valuable, and if that’s the case, I’d wait on her.

Santa - if you want a solid tank. Slow like Elena, but much more powerful (imo) lowering attack and defense on all, so if you don’t mind the slows, I’d be more inclined to go his way. Not a fan of maxing heroes that are primarily defensive heroes, but Santa can tank for you, and can be used as defense down as well, so not a bad way to go if you’re looking for a solid tank. & If you’re also running red tanks in war, then that makes your decision even easier. If not, then…

Grazul - with her being very fast, healing and having immunity, she’s your safest bet. Immunity is an incredibly powerful skill, and healers always have a place, along with very fast heroes. So if you’re truly unsure, I’d go Grazul to save your from regret. Though, she’s a hero that doesn’t benefit nearly as much [as the two above] from going to 80, since she’s solely a support hero. The only reason to max her over Santa or Elena would be for defensive purposes, or to increase her survivability on offense.

So for me, it’s between Santa and Grazul. Elena only if you want to compete in legendary.

Yellow: Wait if you’re willing and plan to pull this month, or else Leo

Justice - I don’t see why there’s so much love for her, but I’m not a huge fan. Yeah she’s great during very fast WRC, but other than that, not too impressed. Blind is valuable, and she makes a solid tank, but I still consider Santa a much better tank. Maybe if you run holy tanks in war, but even then, you have Onatel and Vivica as other solid options, so I just don’t see what she could bring to your team that you can’t already cover elsewhere.

Leonidas - yeah he’s not spectacular, but he’s still a pretty great hero, especially after his buff. He’ll be faster than Justice, and will probably survive longer with his self-heal, too. & He mana cuts. I mean I’m not usually the biggest fan of Leo, but I don’t see a scenario where I’d max Justice over Leo really ever. So if those are your two options, I’d go Leo, for sure.

Though, if you don’t love either option, wait for Riddles and try for White Rabbit- he’ll be a definite max if you happen to pull him. That, or Neith would be a great hero to max, too (better than Justice imo)

Blue: King Arthur for sure. You need an elemental defense dropper in blue, and KA is your man (since I don’t see Frida). He’ll be awesome on every single red titan, and in a blue stack too. Isarnia is amazing, and her defense down is brutal, but you already have that covered by Grimm, so not as vital. & I’d put Richard behind Isa.

Green: Another one I’d wait on if you can, can always try for Hatter, Evelyn or Tarlak later this month, but if you want to move forward with someone, I’d probably do Kadilen. She hits harder now than ever before, and helps your heroes last longer against SS, so a decent option. Elkanen is pretty good too, but I’d still do Kad over him unless you had Evelyn, then Elk would be more valuable in my eyes


Wow how could you do all that i wanna to learn how to be good gamer like you

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Hi RandaPandah! :slight_smile:

Red: It’s interesting how Grazul receives a lot of votes, I don’t disagree with her being very strong, even her extra mana generation sounds like such a treat especially for my Azlar. I just haven’t had any difficulty with defeating her in a raid or war, there’s not much that she does in a defense that makes it hard for me to beat the rest of the team. Of course, I might have just been lucky with tiles every time, and she might be amazing on attack, but so far she’s been nothing but a monkey wrench in this match for materials.
I’ve always felt better about Elena for my red strategy, because I always stack red with Wilbur whether in raid or war, even in events. Elena will offer a lot of damage and the riposte helps get rid of the other team faster as well. Santa seems to go against this strategy because his defense down is lower than Wilbur’s (is it?), although the attack down is also a good effect since it will help my own team last longer. These two are the hardest to tell apart even though they have only splash damage in common, and with Grazul in the mix I’m really torn now :sweat_smile:
If I picked Elena and stacked her with my all red Wilbur team (Azlar, Ares, Wilbur, Elena, Zimkitha), will that team be competitive in events? Will Santa do a better job overall with raids, when I usually add Vivica as a kicker? For wars, both of them will be helpful overall I think since it will allow me to go all red with Boldtusk as the healer (since I use Ares on a different team there) or put in any different colored healer, so will their performance with titans be the deciding factor? Will Grazul beat both of them given these strategic factors? Sorry for all these questions :sweat_smile:

Yellow: I’m gaining a lot more confidence in Leo too. I’ve just been having a lot more difficulty beating Justice in a raid (I hunt yellow tanks), and the extra splash damage source gives me more options to play around with Wilbur. On the other hand, Leo is an additional sniper which I have few of, and he helps a lot more in forming a solid yellow raiding or war team when I need it since he provides a stronger and faster attack than the ones I have available.
This is the first time I’ve heard of White Rabbit and I’ll be looking into him/her soon, and I’ve seen Neith and though I’m very impressed, I’m honestly a bit discouraged from pulling for a new hero since I poured in more than 70 summons for Kingston and failed. Everyone else can only say I shouldn’t expect to pull a particular hero so I wouldn’t get disappointed, and because of that I’m looking more at who I have now even if materials don’t need to be used right away. Given the upcoming events and the current hotm, do you think it would be wise to hold on to the 6 darts I have instead of finally taking Leo all the way?

Blue: Okay, you’ve sold me on the King. :grinning: There are very few effects that still give me the same feeling of dread since I first started playing the game (even GM’s skill doesn’t scare me as much anymore), and Isarnia’s is one of them. But it seems Arthur will be much more helpful for all purposes since he adds to the defense down that Grimm provides (does he? I just realized that haha). He’s also a stocky sniper and that just fits my blue roster well, which is composed mostly of hard hitters.

Green: I really feel that I’m cursed in this area of the game, almost as if the game doesn’t want me to get a good green. I’ve been playing since September 2018 and I’ve never pulled Lianna after trying so hard, and the only two times I’ve ever chased on a hero are for Evelyn and Kingston, and I still failed. As with yellow, and even more so, I feel like I should just accept my defeat in green and work with the ones I have. I’ve been considering Elkanen recently but that’s only because I see him used a lot more, and can carry himself quite well. That means I forgot about my first ever 5* Kadilen, who I agree hits stronger than ever. :slight_smile: You’re definitely on to something there and since my Kadilen is still farther along in training than Elkanen, I might pick her soon. But as with yellow, do you think it’s worth it to hold on to the tonics for a bit? In green’s case, I have 10 tonics and maybe it wouldn’t hurt, given the time it needs to max out a 5*, to use 6 of them now?

Thank you again so much for your help, and it’s an absolute treat to be hearing from you again! :slight_smile:

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Hi there :slight_smile: I’m glad my roster inspires you. I’ve been playing since late last year and it’s really just hard work, I play pretty much every day and try to maximize the refilled energies. I also spend a bit but mostly on promos, so that’s why my roster is actually still not as strong as the top players with the time I’ve been playing. I’m sure with your own efforts though, you can be so much better :wink:

Do you use mono, or deep red stacks, when you play? Because if so, especially if your go to is red, then I’d give Elena another thought just because she may fall closer to your priorities and preferred play-style over the rest. Though, the reason I mentioned events was because you already have Azlar maxed, so you already have a solid red with a high attack stat to use for extra tile damage, so unless you like stacking a lot of reds, use mono, or compete, Elena’s additional tile damage wouldn’t be as valuable. Not unless you plan on using them together often. Though, you do have most of the heroes to compete once they’re all maxed, but competing is a whole different level of commitment, so I’d be sure that’s what you want before maxing heroes solely for that. & Even still, without Falcon, idk if it would be possible to place in the top 100; that extra damage from elemental defense down is insane. Anyway, what I’m trying to say is that if you don’t plan on stacking Azlar with Elena very often, and would end up using either or, I’d set her aside; the little extra tile damage isn’t that much of a benefit, and she’s extremely squishy. The only place for her outside of events would be vs green titans and in a red stack on offense. Defensively she just goes down way too easily. & Even though her attack and counterattack are brutal, I guess I just value what Santa does at that same speed a little more.

With Santa, even if you may not use his defense down as a go-to with Wilbur around (yes, his is better), he still offers attack down, defense down, minions for all, and attack all - all at the same speed as Elena. He makes a better tank, and will more often than not survive long enough to fire, where Elena more than likely wouldn’t. & Depending on how strong your Wilbur gets, Santa may still have more survivability in the long run, so a decent choice for defense down vs 14* green titans (absymal attack stat, though, so only when you need the additional survivability). & The attack down will help with that, too. So even if you were to max him just to use as tank, he’d still have a place on war teams, as well. But like I’ve said, if your preferred play-style is more tile damage based than anything else, then I’d safely put him aside, because he won’t help a whole lot in that department. & Maxing a hero just to use as your defense tank, that you doubt you’d use elsewhere, just isn’t worth it unless you’re willing to for-go the additional depth you could have for offensive play.

Grazul is much better on offense, where you can control her, than defense. Yes, she has the stats to hold up under pressure there, but with her immunity being dispellable and easily avoidable, it’s not a great example of her strength. But bring her along as an additional support hero, especially with someone like Vivica who’s slow to charge, and she’ll keep you alive til you can get them going. & Vs a lot of ailments, there’s no one better. Immunity on all was such an OP skill to have, that they completely removed it from Ariel, and it’s why Grazul’s only lasts 2 turns. Trust me, as long as you can time her right when you’ve got all of the dangerous heroes like GM or Justice to fire, you’ll be glad you have her. Though, her heal isn’t enough to run solo, so if that’s what you’re looking for- a dependable solo healer - then you’ll probably be disappointed. But her paired with someone like Ares should be enough to keep an entire team alive.

So that’s why I think Grazul is the easy, safe choice, because immunity and healing at very fast speed will definitely come in handy on offense more often than the rest. For the other two [on offense] Elena’s tile damage will be what benefits you most (about her), and Santa’s SS and survivability is what will benefit you most (about him). But with these two, speed is also a factor, which is why they’re behind Grazul in choice; you won’t always get a chance to fire Elena or Santa, but Grazul should come through more often than not [in war/raid attacks].

The thing with Justice is, do you see yourself ever really using her on offense? Cuz I never use her… ever. She’s terrible in a stack (low attack stat), so she also doesn’t fire hard enough even when she charges, and she’s slow - so that’ll happen very rarely, at that. The only positive qualities she has are her ability to blind all, and her survivability. Which makes her a decent tank, but past that, nothing great. Plus, you already have Hu Tao maxed [if you want blind], no need to spend 6 darts on a hero to just get that very same skill, at the very same speed, on someone who’s just a more durable version of him. So unless you really want to make her your new tank for defense/war, even though she wouldn’t be much different there than Onatel, I don’t think I’d bother.

At least with Leo you get a slightly faster hero (average speed isn’t too bad, but not too great for snipers) who can heal himself quite a bit, and cut mana while he does it. Plus, you don’t really have any solid offensive heroes in yellow maxed, so Leo could be that for you, which should make your decision even easier (hopefully)

So if you don’t plan on spending a whole lot this month, I’d go ahead with Leo. Though, if your gut is telling you to wait, and you’re still unsure, just wait til the month is over, and depending on your pull success, make the decision at the beginning of December, but I wouldn’t wait longer than that. A hero could drop anytime, so sitting around waiting for a hero that may never come isn’t worth it; work with what you have now.

White Rabbit is a holy event hero in Riddles, who lowers defense; he’s the only holy hero with defense down in the game, making him extremely valuable. & Last I checked [in beta] he was fast mana, too. I know he attacks, but can’t quite remember if he snipes or splashes (I’ll have to check when I’m done), so yeah, top-notch hero.

& Neith is awesome too - a new and improved Justice basically. So both worthy of maxing if pulled.

Yes, King Arthur and Grimm will stack, so you’ll have a lot of cumulative damage using both together. Using elemental defense down + defense down + another hero of the same element = kill whoever you want, guaranteed; it’s the best synergy in the game. Though, I’d definitely do Isarnia next; she may be slow, but damn, she hits like a truck, and with defense down on top of that, it’s very hard to come back from her hits. & She’ll be a better defense down hero to bring in against red titans once maxed, too.

Well, for green, you could wait it out. Though, you should only wait til you get 12 tonics, and if by then, you still haven’t gotten any new green 5* worthy of mats, I’d go ahead and max one of them. Cuz by that point, you’d be safe even if you did pull Lianna the next day out of TC20. Honestly, for me, it was basically a coin-flip choosing between them. Offensively, Elkanen is going to be a better hero to use when you want to kill a specific hero, where Kadilen would be more used as a kind of safety net/attack all, so will widdle them down so they’re easier to kill for your other heroes. Defensively, I find Kadilen much more dangerous, but that’s just me.


Ohh and by the way, just wanna say how happy I am to hear from you again, too :slightly_smiling_face:

It wasn’t until I saw your reply to me, when it clicked, and I remembered our in-depth convos we used to have on here regarding your roster (it’s been so long since I’ve helped with one of these in this capacity). Not many people type as much as me, so the ones that do, I never forget; you’re as in-depth with your replies as I am with mine, and I always enjoy that :slightly_smiling_face:. Plus you always made our back-and-forth entertaining, asking all of the right questions.

So I’ll say this: I know that even if you’re still undecided about some of these leveling decisions, I’d trust your instincts, because I don’t doubt they’re on to something; you’re as detailed with your decisions, and the thought process behind them, as I am with mine, so I’m sure your gut’s figured out which decisions may be best for you. Trust it, because after all, you’re the one who will be playing with these heroes - so go with whomever you think you may benefit from, or enjoy playing with, the most.

& Of course, whatever you’re still unsure of, always feel free to ask. I’m not as active here as I used to be, so can’t promise I’ll always reply in this amount of length/detail, or as quickly, but if you ever need anything, always feel free to tag me and I’ll do my best to help with whatever I can whenever I’m able :slightly_smiling_face: