Help on next legendary projects

Sorry for the late reply, had a lot happening the past few days :sweat_smile:

I think you’ve pretty much sold me on Grazul there. I never considered that I do need a Falcon to be competitive with red in events, and I’m not counting on pulling him aside from the fact that it will take a while. Elena’s slowness also made me think twice as it will only make her a second glass cannon with Azlar, and she might not be versatile enough to lead a team on her own or combo with others. On defense I don’t really need her because if my alliance decides to go red for war tanks, I’m ready to flank Ares with great heroes or even use Zim, as they are both bearing emblems. Santa I just never considered worth it, and I see him more like Guardian Owl. I could bear to charge my Azlar on offense because I know that when he does fire (usually during Wilbur’s skill being active), amazing things will happen. With Santa it will just complicate things or at least delay them.
I watched some videos of how to use Grazul and I finally understood what you meant by her being such a promising hero. I’m already seeing her being helpful in more than one war team, and in raids as well. Maybe for titans she will not help too much but she wouldn’t be shabby either especially with the immunity. So yes, Grazul will be the red project for me. I’ve been sold so well that I’m going to stop working on Colen at 4.64 so I can start working on her :sweat_smile:

For yellow, you will not believe what just happened. :smile:
I agreed with you on Leo over Justice, but I also looked into WR and Neith, and I also agreed that they would both be better than Leo. That tied me up in knots because I knew it was gonna take a while and I was sitting with more than 10 yellow feeders and trainers. I kept staring at those things for almost two days and just fed them to Gan Ju as I changed my feeder TC to red so that I can wait for Riddles. Then just about 30mins ago I accidentally fired Leo’s ascension. :smile: I still kept mulling over it, then for a few seconds my mind went blank and I forgot that pressing “Ascend” doesn’t lead to any final prompt. I watched the materials go into Leo one by one and couldn’t believe what I just did. :sweat_smile:
I can still make peace with it since, as we both see, Leo is actually worth it as an attacker. And if I can manage to pull either or both WR and Neith, I can wait for the materials since now my yellow will be more stacked in the meantime. I’m just beating myself up over the feeders going to Gan Ju instead of Leo, hahaha :smile::sob:

King Arthur is taking a slow ride as I still need two more scopes, and scopes are the rarest materials for me for some reason. But I’m really glad to be taking your advice on that. :slight_smile:

As for green, I think I’m going to bring both elves to 3.70 for now. I really need my green teams to pack a punch and I think Elkanen brings that to some extent, and will survive during war long enough to help finish off a defense. Kadilen will be kept alive as an option since she has potential with my rather healthy roster of buffers, and since she might even become a better option as a tank during pro-green tournaments (Or is she? Maybe Elkanen is better since he keeps himself alive). This will hopefully buy me more time to wait for a Lianna or any good green to show up.

I’m really glad I was able to get you to reply to this post. I wasn’t surprised that you forgot it was me since I don’t have an avatar (can’t figure out how to upload one haha) and I haven’t posted in a while :sweat_smile: I really love our exchanges for the exact same reasons that you do and I appreciate your compliments as well :slight_smile: As always, you’ve been very helpful and I’m quite sure that my roster choices are going to be perfect for my needs because of this. Thank you so much! :slight_smile:

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