Legendary Advice needed!

Hello Fourm Experts,

I have the enviable dilemma of having a very deep roster, which is composed of both all-stars and permanent bench warmers. I have just completed my fourth rainbow 4* team and am now ready to begin my legendary lineup. My question isn’t so much which heroes to level, but more so in what order. Being C2P I have saved all my 4* mats and have just amassed enough to do 3 heroes of each color. So any advice is appreciated! My options (listing only the top ones) are as follows:

Red: Grazul, BK, Marjana, Azlar, Ares

Blue: Arthur, Vela, Misandra, Finley, Isarnia (this one is a bit perplexing)

Green: Lianna, Telluria, Elkanen

Yellow: Joon, Gazelle, Vivica, Sif, Malosi

Purple: Panther, Ursena, Kunchen, Khiona

I currently use a 3.70 Ranvir for titans and I’m very eager to replace him, most likely with Gazelle. As you can see I have a ton of top tier tanks, which is a nice problem to have I guess. So who and in what order should I go about doing this? Are some of these serviceable at 3.70? Obviously, this is going to take me quite some time, but I’d like to be able to start replacing 4* heroes relatively soon. Thanks!

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Red:. BK. Best red in the game, excellent on attacks, no contest here.

Blue: all excellent, I’d probably lean towards Finley.

Green: Telluria is an excellent tactical hero, Lianna is an incredibly hard hitting sniper… Both well worth it, but doing BK and possibly Gazelle you want some hitters too, so I’d probably do Lianna first (unless you do Joon rather than Gazelle)

Purple: Ursena.

Holy: Gazelle Vs Joon… Tactical Vs snipe - you want a mix overall.

You can manage with 4* healers for now.

I would focus on 2 unique ones - Arthur and Panther. They both provide you elemental defence down which is extremely essential when fighting titans…not to mention events/ quests / raids. And the better score equal to better lot (in theory at least).
So my call:
Red: Grazul and BK. You can try to hunt GM in may so he would be 3rd option for you. If not - Marjana as the rogue is quite deadly on the wing
Blue: Arthur, Vela and Finley
Green: Telluria, Liana and keep mats for better hero
Yellow: Joon and Gazelle (major attack booster for titans),
Purple: Panther, Ursena and Kunchen (alternative tank for you if your alliance play purples)

Wow that is some choice. Nice roster.
In my honest opinion, I would focus on the following to start with:
Red: Black Knight then Grazul
Blue: Finley then Vela then Arthur
Green: Telluria then Lianna
Yellow: Gazelle then Joon
Purple: Ursena then Kunchen then Panther
Good luck

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A very enviable dilemma indeed! Congrats on the backlog, those are some choice heroes. I suggest investing in a large container of whiskey before attempting to level 15 5* heroes in a row.

As far as who will work at 3-70, what * titans are you current facing? If you get to 15 5* though, you should really consider moving up to a more competitive Alliance where you can get more mats to complete the rest.

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It is certainly not a dilemma I figured on having! I have actually gotten a good portion of them in the last few months and really could not believe my luck (thank goodness I’m back to batting 0 for everything in the last two events or my ego might have started to strain my wallet!).

I’m currently battling 8-9* titans. Anything higher and I fear my 3.70 Ranvir would die with one hit!

Wow… That is quite the predicament you have. Those are pretty much all excellent heroes. I think this is what I’d suggest, in order.

Red - BK, Ares, Grazul, Marjana, Azar
Blue - Finley, Vela, Arthur, Misandra, Isarnia (Only because Isarnia is slow)
Green - Lianna, Telluria, Elkanen
Yellow - Gazelle, Joon, Malosi, Sif, Vivica
Purple - Kunchen, Ursena, Panther, Khiona (Only reason I went Kunchen first is he’s easily the best 5* healer listed)

Wow. You’ve got some stellar choices. I think some of the decisions will be based on what 4*s you have… there’s several that will blend nicely into your new mix of 5s.

Without knowing much…

Red: grazul (try for grave), BK
Blue: vela, Finley
Green: telluria, Lianna
Yellow: joon, gazelle
Purple: panther, ursena


If you’re looking to build a defense that’ll keep you in the 2500 cup range then prioritize
Telluria Vela Ursena BK Joon.

If not;

Red: BK, Grazul (due to rise of Telluria), Marjana, Area, Azlar

Blue: Finley, Vela, Arthur, Misandra, Isarnia

Green: TELLURIA, TELLERIA, and Telluria!!! By far the #1 hero in the game currently, this should be top priority. Then Lianna, Elkanan

Yellow: Gazelle, Joon, Sid, Malosi, Vivica. All amazing btw

Purple: Ursena (2nd best hero in the game), Kunchen, Panther, Khiona.

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Good responses so far! The fact that there really isn’t a common consensus underscores the complexity of my dilemma! I have a very impressive 4* lineup as well, but I am somewhat lacking in snipers. I’m looking to basically replace all my 4s with an upgrade of some sort since I obviously have the means to do so. I like my 4s but I’m ready to move on and I’m looking to up my defense first. Unfortunately, my alliance is running blue tanks so none of my top tier tanks are terribly helpful there. I’m still very interested which of these could be effective at 3.70 if anyone could comment on that.

Hi @DarkMatter, nice to hear from you again.

First, props on the roster and especially for the patience to save all those mats! Mine are gone about as quickly as I can gather them.

I think the answers you have already received are pretty good, and mostly in line with what I would say. If I were to add anything, I’d say if you’re thinking about defense, then a lineup that contains both Telluria and Vela would be a tough one. Unless you’ve saved a bunch of Atlantis coins (well, maybe you would do that) you can’t bank on getting Grave Maker in May, but if you did…

I’m not clear on whether you are going to level these heroes up one-by-one, or one of each color, etc. but I would recommend that you make a (difficult) decision about who your tank is going to be, and start there.

My two cents are use Telluria for the tank, and specifically Joon | Ursena | Telluria | BK (GM?) | Vela

Good luck

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