Help to create my 5* team

I have good selection of 4* heroes. Now need ideas for 5* team.

Leonidas 4/80
Mitsuko 4/80
Isarnia 4/75
Joon 3/70
Elkanen 3/59
Grazul 2/60
Marjana 2/60
Misandra 1/1
Khagan 1/1
Horghall (costume) 1/1

Items ready for red, green and purple.

Just finished mitsuko and now have to choose next project grazul or marjana? Also started with elkanen and then got costume horghall which looked kind of tempting?

General ideas about lineup?


Honestly, I’d have Elkanen at tank with Marjana on either side. Isarnia on a wing opposite Leonidas. You need a healer. Do you have a reliable 4-star max ascended Sabina or Rigard? I’d go full rainbow because it gets tricky to color-stack against. Of course, this recommendation comes with Defense in mind.

I’d go for Grazul and costumed Horghall.

You can run Mitsuko-Isarnia-Horghall-Grazul-Leonidas until you max a 5* purple hero. Joon should also replace Leo when you max him.

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Yeah have both rigard and Sabina maxed with 7 emblems.

I love Sabina because she dispels buffs and heals all allies, but you could try Rigard and see which works better.

Tank with Mitsuko for now IMO. She’s your best tank right now.

fast 4* sniper | Isarnia | Mitsuko | Leonidas | fast 4* sniper

Not sure who your 4*s are but I’d suggest putting fast ones on wings over 5*s at 3.70 or lower.

Grazul between her and Marjana.

Since you have his costume, I would max Horghall first. His stats become much better and with the right combination of emblems and troops, he can reach average speed thanks to the costume bonus.

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