Help with my reds

Rings are a rare thing… so having some for only 1 hero I’ve gotta dice between cElena, cAzlar or Reuben aka The Pale.

ps… I have fully emblemed Mitsuko and Gravemaker.

Reuben is a trash.

So the option is between azlar and c.elena. since u already have GM then we can get rid of azlar.

Elena with her riposte is awesome and add variety to ur roster

Hummm… Reuben is trash… I’ve heard that so many times… yes, Elena’s repost is really great and Azlar buen is only different since is not dispellable… I’ll take into consideration, thanks.

Of course, go Azlar costumed version. While your fully emblemed GM attack one side, costumed Azlar will attack the other side with the dying heroes are so theyll burn to thy kingdom come.

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