Need help team building

Can someone please help me with team building strategy? I’m looking for the strongest combos for war teams regardless of level. And also, any suggestions to heros that are not worth keeping around if any.

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Do you color stack or run rainbow?

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Typically I run rainbow, but only because I just learned about color stacking. I have yet to really explore it, but I’m open to suggestions of any kind.

Hello :slight_smile:

my first advice would be:

Max your healers: Rigard, Boldtusk, Belith.

Then look for some fire power. You’re heavy in red, like me…

For red, I’d let Elena aside for the moment, bring Colen after BT to 3/60 (he’s almost there) and then Scarlett and do some 3* in between. Rudolph first. Jahangir is slow, but can be helpful. I like Azar, many don’t really like her, she doesn’t hit so hard, but her mana cut can be valuable. Nashgar is a reliable hitter, but Namahage (Atlantis) and Rudolph are the better choices for most. I still have 2 maxed Nashgars…

Yellow: Kailani can be very helpful with her spirit link to survive. Gan Ju might be a good choice or a second Bane, if you get one. Dawa is one of the worse 3*, no need to regret leveling her, but she’s not so useful.

Green: Belith, Berden, Shrubbear. Maybe Carver and Isshtak. Friar Tuck was good in the beginning for me, but he’s not very useful once you have Belith.

Blue: Gunnar - same as Kailani, he’s a good tank in tournaments. Ulmer and Valen for def down are really cool. Karil is mediocre, but okay. And Greymane is the same category as Dawa (und Prisca and Renfeld…).

Purple: Rigard first to 3/60, ofc. I like Tyrum for his dispel and he has a good costume (cleanser then). Oberon is slow, but can be very dangerous. And I like Balthazar. Renfeld and Prisca aren’t that useful.

And then you can think about teams…I’d put them together according to the opponent and
A rainbow line up could be: Boldtusk (healing & attack buff), Ulmer (def down, but he’s slow), Berden, Tyrum, Bane

If you want to try color stacking, I’d start with the strongest heroes, Boldie, Colen, Scarlett…

And in general, I’d recommend to bring the 4* up to 3/60, learn how to play with them and then decide who to max and max at least 2 rainbow teams of 4*.

And after that I’d start with the 5*, they’re so hungry and need 4* materials, you can max two 4* for one 5*.


Thank you for the advice, AoD. Especially the bit about who to concentrate on leveling. I’ll admit that my adhd gets the best of me everytime I draw a new 3* or higher and I tend to not finish anyone off…except for Bane.

Would you suggest I feed friar tuck, greymane, dawa, renfeld, and prisca to someone else for levels? Or should I hold onto them for the time being?

I’ll leave them at the moment, maybe you need them for class trials.
When they are replaced by better heroes (= when you have your 30 heroes for war and/or enough heroes for the class quests), then I’d feed them.

I still have my Friar Tuck, because I don’t have 5 maxed 3* greens (wanna have mono teams for challenge event rare tier). I don’t use him either, but he’s there for…ehh…looking complete :stuck_out_tongue:


Ive yet to get a team capable of the trials, but I may actually get there soon after some fine advice about leveling ive recently received. :wink:

When leveling, should I worry about skill level before maxing or will I have the opportunity to continue leveling up skills even after the character is maxed?

When the character is maxed, but the skill not, you can still max the skill by feeding.
A 2* feeder of the same color gives 20% then, so you won’t need so many feeders.

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This is excellent news!

Thank you for taking the time to reply

Is there a resource that allows you to enter the heroes you have that will show the best combinations for their use?

Closest thing would be @Razor’s utility. I don’t think it generates teams for you tho. At least I havent used it for that if it does :stuck_out_tongue:

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Cheers for the info Guvnor

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