Ascension Help Please Green and Yellow

I’ve been spending a lot of time lately trying to decide who will get my next set of darts and my next 6 tonics.

For yellows I’m trying to pick between Gazelle Malosi and Sif. I’ve read and heard a lot of high praise for all of them and some not so great comments about all three as well (well I guess not so much for Gazelle). None would get emblems, unless I pull from my Jackals and Kestrel for Sif. None are being considered for defense but would make for useful offensive tools. My current maxed yellows are Poseidon Joon and Vivica w/ costume.

For green I have a bunch of options. LotL, Heimdall, Chameleon, and Ratatoskr are all 3/70. Kadilen is 2/60 and has a decent costume coming out I could theoretically luck into. My mono green is a mess with lots of minions and slow healers but pretty weak tiles and little in the way of direct damage so I’ve even debated a Lianna or a second Kingston. My current maxed greens are Kingston Mother North and Telluria. No one’s removing Tell from defense anytime soon, and as such I doubt I’d be embleming anyone either.

I’m particularly at a loss on the green front. Yellow I might be leaning Gazelle I think although I could be convinced to do Sif first with the right argument. My alliance mates all love raiding with Sif. I don’t have BK. I do have a QoH who will be staying at 1/1 for awhile yet.

I love raiding with Chameleon. He seems more suited to 2 and 3 colour offenses than full mono. I love raiding with LotL even more. She’s probably the front runner? Heim is a beast too and although I originally had Ratatoskr written off, his attack stat isn’t bad actually and worst case another average speed heal is useful during war.

Any thoughts opinions or first hand insight into the aforementioned heroes would be greatly appreciated. Having lots of decent heroes is a great problem to have but I’m paralyzed by choice. :joy:

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I have Gazelle and she is easily one of the best heroes in the game imo. Not good for defense but you stated that these weren’t needed for defense anyway so she gets my vote easy. 100% attck increase and 50% damage cut speak for themselves. She can be a liability if opponent one shots her but more often than not that doesn’t happen in practice. I have her and use her all the time in raids/war/titans. For green I would go with the Rat. I love the attck increase on green shields so great for titans and green stacks while adding a decent heal as well. However, if you don’t have Alby or MN then maybe Heimdall would serve as a reviver for ya. I have Rat close to 3.70 and have enjoyed using him thus far for those purposes so I still vote the Rat. :grin:

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Thanks for the reply! Gazelle is great yeah, although it may just come down to who is less useful at 3/70 lol her or Sif. Malosi keeps springing to mind only because of all the wars vs Telluria I expect to be doing. It’s already started.

I’ll play around with Squirrel a little more before making the call on the tonics. Blue is my worst titan to fight though and he can maybe help there.

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