Help me with ascending

Hey there, I’d like to hear your opinions about my plans ascending my next heroes

My roster:

Overall, I’m going for my first round of 5*, got one in each color and I’m at 4 4* for (nearly) every color and some 5*s would definitely help me for events, titans etc

Really want to fully max joon now, I got justice and Chao costume few days ago, after joon I’d go Chao, if nothing better joins my roster I’d start with justice

Red my first priority is JF atm, I feel like he’s the best of the 3 I got, after finishing him I thought about kelile or Colen/gormek, since I got his costume? Reuben and khagan (without c) might come afterwards… What path would you take? Kelile/reuben/khagan? Or Colen/gormek costume?

Going for domitia (even tho Victor is very fast, I feel like the dispel is worth it, especially since I want to use her in future wars), afterwards I want to go for rigard costume, then???

Atm Richard, I need a blue tank for my war team cause we have blue as tanks, and without costumes I do like richard more than Thorne. I’d love to go for isarnia, esp for titans, but she has to wait I guess… So after Richard I am really clueless… Joot? Isarnia? Thorne? Second nordri for challenge events? Or should I really finish boril now? :rofl:

First I wanted to go for elkanen, but tbh, I’m not sure if I’d use him a lot, since in my war def and my raid def melendor costume will be part of the team cause I won’t have a 5* healer soon as it seems, so I stopped elkanen at 2/60…i decided to go for caedmon costume, love him and he would be my second cleanser beside rigard… Afterwards I think my first brynhild would be a good idea… Or maybe grevle for tourneys?

Any input is very very welcome, thank you guys :slight_smile:

Gafa chao colen bryhild boril (Do gormek costume before colen)
Is what I would do. 4* hero’s you will need to complete events and handy in trials.
You got some good 3* already so it’s good to have 4-5 maxed 4* before starting 5*

I’d do cyprian kelie jott after.


This would bey choice:

  • PURPLE: I’d finish c. Rigard first and then you could go on with Domitia. Btw, as a counterattacker, I’d choose Cyprian over Boril.

  • YELLOW: Joon, without a doubt, although Chao’s costume is awesome.

  • BLUE: if you need a tank, I agree with you that Richard would be the best option. Isarnia has good stats for titans due to her high attack stat, but not feo a defense team.

  • GREEN: I’ve had Elkanen on my bench for a long time and I don’t plan to max him. The mini Heimdall (Grevle) would be my option.

  • RED: JF would be the best option of your red 5*. I like Khagan, but he doesn’t get so much love. Colen with his costume could be the same as Azlar. Guardian falcon is a good choice as well.


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