Advice on my roster (levelling, defense and tournament teams)


So I’m playing this game for couple of years now. Since the start, it was just a time killer for me (pass some stage, fill up chest and that’s it). Around 5 months ago I started to focus more on the other aspects of the game (tournaments, wars, raids and special quests). That goes hand in hand with trying to improve your heroes and build some teams.

Up till start of this year, I had only couple of 4* (Rigard, Kelile, Melendor, Sonya) a no 5*. My first 5* (Mike) was a random summon and I didn’t cared if he is good or not.

Now I would like to get some advice on the roster, who to level, ideas on defense team and maybe tournaments + challenges teams. Maybe also advice on which copies to keep.

To be honest, any advice would be appreciated. In the meantime, I will continue with browsing the forum and learning.

FYI - most of the costumes are brand new so I just put them on the heroes to see the difference:)


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In my honest opinion, and you have so many to choose from … level
Lianna and costume
Sartana and costume
Caedmon and costume
Boldtusk and costume
Kiril and costume
Li Xiu and costume
And a whole bunch of your 3*

I probably could’ve skipped the levelling as there now is lot of choices. To be honest, this is just due to me, realizing that I enjoy this game a lot and therefore throwing some money on it as a support for devs etc.

Thanks for the answer anyway:) I will get on with it.

What about Gullinbursti? Is he worth prioritizing over yellow 4* like Li and her costume?

Hi - yes others that need to be maxed include:
Gullinbursti (is a must 4* holy/yellow)

@Allarianx Yes, Gullinbursti is a great asset as a Holy 4* healer. Slow, but very impactful.

What would be an ideal defense team for raids?

My current one is:

And I’m also looking on what duplicates is worth keeping, I have quite a lot of them and they take up a lot of space.