Heroes To Ascend (need help)

Hi, everyone!
I thought about which heroes I should ascend. The only two colors I have problem with are blue and green. So, to begin with I’d like to introduce you my blue and green team, and war defence team.

As you can see we have purple center and green-blue rears. Obviously my rears are too slow and I would like to fix that problem. Lucky for me, now I have two fast speed heroes that could take Athena’s place. Here they are:

The problem is that I think that in general Fenrir would be more usefull in wars and raid attacks, but I’am not sure about how AI would work in defence.
On the other hand I have Vela, that hits realy strong in defence because of defence atack bonus but will not shine in attacks. And on the top of that, she has same class as Alby which is a bit of a problem to my mind. But in theory I could ascend new green hero to compensate it. These four heroes are my best choises.

So I would like to ask your opinion what heroes I should ascend (1 geen and 1 blue) to strengthen my defence and would be useful in my attack teams.

Thank you in advance!

P.S. now Kunchen has cleric emblems, Ares - Paladin and Dalila - Fighter

Well in my opinion if green has to be in the corner and Alberich is not what you want because of mana speed then I would use either Evelyn or the Rat. Personally I would leave Alberich as I have him on my war defense and am happy with performance overall. I like to have some kind of heal on my defense Even if just a partial HoT so I would consider a healer for your defense whatever the change. I like Ariel because of average mana speed herself coupled with increasing mana generation for allies, but she does better as a flank Imo. You could also switch it up and put the Rat at left wing and Fenrir as right wing as you are lacking a fast sniper on your defense.

If those were my options though I would go:
Alby-GM-Ursena-Drake-Fenrir (even with alberich at slow mana speed)

Taking Alby out of the picture I would go:

Adding Ariel as a healer I could also see:
Ariel-GM-Ursena-Drake-Lianna (or Evelyn but Evelyn should be in left wing due to dispel whereas right wing is perfect for Lianna.)

If you wanted a really aggressive defense then I would go:

In any of those cases I think adding a fast sniper improves your def.

In terms of both offense and defense I would level up the Rat as attack increase on shields could come in handy and do major damage provided circumstances are right. For blue I would go Fenrir over Vela.

Hopefully this helps. You have some great heroes to utilize so you have multiple good options.


Thanks a lot. To my mind, alby(liana) -gravy-ursena-drake-fenrir would be best setups) as for rat, maybe he could become a good replace for melendor

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