Need help choosing which yellow hero to focus on next

Currently, I have the mats to raise a 5* to 3/70 or a 4* to 4/70. The top row shows my current yellow heroes. While I wait for darts to ascend Vivica, I’m not sure which yellow to level.

Since it will be a while before I get darts to ascend another 5*, I’m thinking it may be better to max a 4*. However, I’m not sure that either Chao or Li Xiu would be better than a 3/70 Joon.

That said either could be more useful for challenge events and raid tournaments as they can be used for 4 and 5* events/tournaments. (With pirates coming in March, having a yellow stack would be very helpful.)

This makes me consider synergy with my other yellows. If I stack yellows, Li Xiu’s AoE stank pairs will with Wu Kong. However, Chao’s single target attack at fast mana pairs better with Jackal.

Thus, I’m not sure which would be the best course of action.

I would go Li Xiu because she is better overall than chao in my opinion but you could get a costume for her as well. I really like Joon though and that would be my 5* choice


+1 vote for Li Xiu.

You already have a dangerous sniper + jackal combo in Poseidon.

Li Xiu is a great 4* hero, easily the most useful and take-anywhere of the 4* vanilla yellows :slight_smile:


Li > Joon > Ina > Chao

I have all of them maxed and Chao starts to mold.

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Damned! So envious!!
Joon and Li. Not sure the order between those two. Li will be faster but Joon is a beast.
I’ve got Wu Kong and Chao, both talented. Wu Kong has saved me many times but Chao is a bit disapointing.
For 5* heroes I got Musashi at 3/70 and currently rising Neith and Li to 3/70.
Then I will decide if I raise Neith or Musashi to 4/80, or if I keep waiting for a better 5* yellow heroe. That’s why I am so envious. You’ve got a nice yellow rooster.

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Thanks. Yellow is probably my best color. Or will be if I ever get the darts to max them…

Thank you all for your help. I guess I’ll go with Li Xiu for now.

Thanks for the advice. I hadn’t considered the possibility of getting Li Xiu’s costume since I’ve been hoarding keys until Vivica is featured.

I’d go Chao over Li Xiu. He’s a better offensive unit, since he’s a yellow sniper. Li Xiu is really blah on offense.

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