Help me to build a defense war team

Hello guys . I need your help to build a decent war team
Heroes available.

Sonya 4/70 /9
Gormek 4/70 (5)
Sabina 4/70 (3)
Boldtusk 4/70 (5)
Hu tao 4/70 (3)
Kashhrek 4/40
Rigard 4/40
Grimm 4/20
Little John 4/25
Li xiu 4/1

All options are available . Choose freely , imgine they are at max im in the process of finishing them.

I would like to know why you pick the team , the reasons , positions etc.

I ran in the last war this team

Sabina gormek Sonya Boldtusk Hu tao

Thanks in advance !

A few questions are important.

Does your alliance have a coordinated war strategy? (Everyone utilizes same tank color, same flanks, same wings, etc.)

Do you want a blanket solid team that could be used in arrow barrage, attack boost and field aid or would you be changing based on the accompanying field support?

A general suggestion would be Grimm - Boldtusk - Kashrek - Li Xiu - Rigard but I feel that it may be lacking fire power and would also consider going with Grimm - Little John - Bold Tusk - Li Xiu - Rigard.

Thanks for answering void.

We just put in the field the best we have. Dont coordinate colors for example.

Id like to change depending on the kind of war .
But i dont know if i have the resources to do that right now so better choose the optimal one. A well rounded one.

Another options i have.
Grazul 3/30
Joon 3/1x.

And lastly i have few epics at 3/60 . Tritón , melendor, colen, tiburtus etc but i cannot Max them right now
And another few at 1/1

In my honest opinion you need to focus on maxing out Kashhrek, Grimm and Li Xiu.
For your next war run with Sabina, Sonya, Boldtusk, Gormek and Hu Tao
When you max out Kashhrek put him in as tank.
When you max Li Xiu swap out Hu Tao
And when you have done that take out Gormek and leave in Boldtusk
Good luck

Hello theres another war about to pop out . I cant finish Kashhrek at time but i can finish Rigard.

Here my heroes and war team right now.

Is that team good regarding what i have? The positions? Is there a better hero option?
I will emblem rigard
I will finish Rigard at night.

@Suicide_Bunny @JGE @voidstrike @Guvnor @jinbatsu
Thanks in advance. You always help me guys

Sonya is not the best tank option you have. I would put Gormek or Boldtusk on that position, even Hu Tao (he punishes bad boards and weaker teams, and there’s chance on wars people will not fight you with their best purple stacks).

Rigard is better than Sabina if you have Sonya already.

I would try going Rigard - Sonya - Boldtusk - Gormek - Hutao


Boldtusk - Rigard - Hutao - Gormek - Sonya

First has better tank, but a rookie error of duplicating tank’s color which is something you’d rather avoid, especially on wars. Second has the reds spread out, but Hu Tao is a bit of gambling on tank. Didn’t play in that bracket for a while now, so that may as well be only good on paper only…


I like the second line up you suggested.
I will give it a try with hu tao as a tank

Mel Sonya Gormie Joon Rigs

Mel is 3.37 and he is looking for a team for the war tomorrow :wink:

Long term, considering all heroes are updated, there’s of course more optimal options to consider.

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@Suicide_Bunny is right .
I have in folder finishing grimm, Li xiu and little John . Also kashhrek forgotten at 4/40 .

Then i will move if mats go with me with heroes that are heavy hitters
Maxing Tritón , colen or tibs. I could level joon at 3.70.

But now i need to finish what i started . Its a low but greatful process. I got a third grimm but im not fond of leveling duplicates .

Something like that Bro ?


Yeah, that’s how I’d run it. Try it out, if it sucks then experiment.

As I am growing and studying how important it is to have a defense so I will do my homework on my thoughts of what I think will be a great defense team.

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