Advice on my team

** Update **

Hey guys, I currently use Melendor - Grimm - Boldtusk - Li Xiu - Proteus as defense team and I stay at platinum now. I don’t know if it can keep me there for long time.

Another option with my rosters: Grimm - Rigard - Lixiu - Proteus - Boldtusk, is that ok?

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Perhaps: Lixiu-Kiril-Kashrek-BT-Rigard?

Just at a glance I would probably go with Mel, Proteus, Boldy, Grimm and Li Xiu. I used and still use Mel, Pro, and Li, but wish I had Boldy.

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For defense, Kadilen, Rigard, Grimm, Boldtusk, and Seshat.

Offense, Seshat, Proteus, Chao, Grimm, Rigard or Melendor as healer.


At this point I would use Rigard, Kashhrek, Boldtusk, Li Xiu and Grimm for defence
Then swap out Kashhrek for Kadilen when you have her maxed
And swap out Li Xiu for Seshat when you have her maxed


you place Grimm as tank?

Thank you!
I feel lucky that I got BT. He is a great 4* classic hero.

Thank you for your suggestion.
Should I put Lixiu and Grimm in the wing?

I would not use Grimm as tank. Kashhrek or Li Xiu make better tanks. I’d go BT, Grimm, Kashhrek, Li Xiu and then a purple, I think it’s almost equal…Rigard or Sabina would be one healer too much for my taste, so I’d use Proteus and then Seshat.


At this moment something like this is fine:

Seshat | Grimm | Boldtusk | Kadilen | Chao

Generally speaking it’s best to put fastest heroes in the wings. There’s exceptions to that though but usually you don’t want to stick slow heroes in the wing since they may not fire.

I’m not a fan of having healers in the wings either, unless it’s a war defense team. During regular raids there is a turn count limit that kicks in after 50 turns (iirc) and an increasing attack boost for all heroes begin. Healers in corners can’t take advantage of said attack boost.

Boldtusk as a tank is more threatening for his attack buff. I put Kadilen and Grimm behind him since they cover the red-blue-green triangle of weaknesses, and they both appreciate having Boldtusk’s attack buff with their skills. You could also swap Chao and Kadilen’s spots instead.

Also I would recommend not leveling Seshat and Kadilen past 2.60. Focus on more of your 4* heroes first so you have more choices for colors :slight_smile:

I suggested this team too based on who you have leveled right now :slight_smile: Kasshrek, Li Xiu, Gadeirus, and Kiril are all good for tanking too, but they’re far down in levels atm.


That’s the point I have not really taken into account, so yours is the better advice :slight_smile:


Personally, I would max out Boldtusk from your current roster and use him as the Tank

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I agree with this defense setup.

Just like @DaveCozy said, so for leveling project, focus attack team for your raid, map, rare quest, event challange, to get unfarmable mats.
So, project plan leveling focus priority from left to right:

Red: Boldtusk ASAP, Gormek, Colen
Blue: Grimm, Kiril
Green: Melendor, Kadilen 2.60, Gaedirus, Kashhrek
Yellow: Chao, Li Xiu
Purple: Proteus ASAP, Seshat 2.60, Rigard, Sabina

Notes: it is only based on your visible heroes in screenshot, I don’t know the rest.


The rest are 3* heroes. I have 15 3* heroes, 80% are maxed.


@Newbie91 On offense yes, defense he is at one of the mid sides to be in effective radius of Cyprian’s riposte for my line up anyway. For your line up on defense I would put Rigard as a tank.


I think this team is also good for offense?

I don’t think so, for offense, we can try stacking color against opponent tank or more color on defense. With your leveling project, we can achive this strategy. From 2-1-1 to 3-1-1 or 3-2 then 4-1 and final is 5-0 (mono). Step by step while your leveling rainbow, we can achive like that.

So for opponent tank green we use strong color red team, we bring example:
Red Team: BT-Gormek-Colen-Seshat-Proteus
Blue Team: Kiril-Grimm-Chao-Seshat-Proteus
Purple Team: Rigard-Seshat-BT-Gormek-Proteus


I got Miki. I think I will focus on Miki before Kiril? It would help me with titan.

@Newbie91, you have gotten great advice here. The one big thing I cannot stress enough, I see others have touched upon it, is level your 4* FIRST. A fully maxed 4* will serve you much better than a 5* partially leveled.
Concentrate on the heroes that @jinbatsu mentioned. Get yourself several rainbow teams of maxed 4* before you even think to begin the 5*

I know the 5* look all shiny and are begging to be leveled, resist that. I made your mistake in the beginning and lost months while I scrambled to level 3-4* for events and AW.
The 4* will help you complete challenges and events that will give you the AM you need to level those 5*.

4* are much easier, and quicker to level, and you will have close to 3-4* maxed before you’ll have 1-5* maxed.
You have some really good 4* heroes. Work with them. Once you have several solid teams of 3-4* THEN pick a 5* or two to begin leveling. Make sure you have the AM needed, or at least are close.

Good Luck and May RNGesus smile upon you!!

P.S ALL the 4* heroes in the above screen shot are worth leveling. Obviously BT, Rigard, Sabina, Melendor, Gormek, Grimm, Proteus, Li Xiu, Chao, Kiril, Colen and Gade are all worth investing in. Kash was my favorite tank, and one of the best 4* tanks, but maybe hold off on him for a bit unless you really need a green tank. He’s great in Gold and low Platinum but loses his luster the higher in cups you climb. I don’t know what other heroes you may have so if you are lacking a solid green tank, by all means he will not disappoint. But stop on the 5* until you have a good portion of these heroes maxed. Also if you are undsure how they fit with your teams, stop at 3/60 and use them to see if you think they are worth final ascension. I have all of these heroes maxed, many emblemed. Kiril, BT and Rigard, plus a few more, have a very long shelf life and you will find yourself using them with your 5* teams once you get there. Just remember this is NOT a race, and there is no “winning” this game. So take your time build some solid 3-4* teams and have fun.


Very good advice. My alliance mates always start the 5s. I still concentrate on the 4s, although I have 16 5s now. Guess who has 6 teams from 3k to 3,6k for wars now? :wink:

  • I’m not a bad teammate, I give the advice to concentrate on 4* regularly…