Help me prioritize?

Hi everyone!
I’ve been playing a little over a month. I think I’ve been fairly fortunate in my pulls, so I’d love some help prioritizing in what order to level and ascend them. TIA!! Xoxo
Edit to add: 3 stars mostly not pictured, but I can if it makes a difference. The alliance Titan is 7 or 8 stars, if that matters at all.
I have enough ascension items to max one 4 star of each color or use them on a 5 star… mostly I want to do well in any event that will award me more ascension mats.


Best advice I got when I was starting out (7 months ago) was to completely forget about any 5 stars I got initially. Store them away, but don’t work on them at all.

First do 3 3* teams in each color. As you get these, you’ll be better able to succeed in rare events & tourneys, which give you more mats to keep leveling.

Then do 4 4* teams in each color.

Only then start thinking about 5*.

(Thanks, @JGE)

If you’re a month in, you probably are burning through tons of food & iron when you’re working on those 5s. I tired it early on, and between having to save up in the first place & then recover, it took days sometimes. It gets much easier later.

Within the colors, I prioritized a healer in each color first and am now expanding that to each star level in each color. You’ll also need hitters (either hit 1, hit 3, or hit all) and defense down, so start there. Those will get you a long way & as you play more you will better understand how the other skills fit in.

You don’t show many 3*s, but Grevle & Poppy are both awesome. Definitely max them.

In the 4*s, I used Franz & Ferant together throughout epic & legendary Challenge Festival, completing both. It felt like cheat mode. They’re good picks to level when you get to 4*s. Mist, Wilbur, Gullinbursti are all strong. Kiril/Boldtusk/Melendor/Sabina are all good healers. Tiburtus/Grimm are good def down. Sonya/Caedmon are good dispel, which you’ll use a lot as well. Guardian Jackal is great with his elemental def down but he can be fragile, so wait until you can keep him alive. Mana control is important too - so Gretel or Peters or Li Xiu are a good source to pick one from soon too.

I know it can be hard to not rush straight to 5s, but by building up this way, you get capabilities more quickly early on when you need them most and build a solid base for further growth. Best of luck!


Oh my goodness, so much info here. I’ll have to read it a couple more times to really absorb it all. You’re amazing, thank you :heart:


The 3s. Bane, Balthazar and Bertulf done, Valen and Namahage’s skills aren’t maxed.
Working on Grevel, then… Treevil?

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Yeah, Treevil for sure. I also got a lot of use from Gramps early on. There are better revivers but not in 3*. Helo & Tyrum are good choices - one gives cleanse & the other dispel, which aren’t that common in 3s.

Sudri, Gunnar, Shrubbear, Melia, and Bauchan are all called out as good here. I haven’t maxed mine yet so can’t directly comment.

If you’re feeling a lack of roster space, you can generally get rid of duplicate 3s - particularly season 1 ones. You’ll probably get them again pretty quickly, and until you max one & find a case where you say I wish I had another, there’s not a lot of point in keeping dupe 3*s in my opinion. Also, when costume portal rolls around again, if you pull the costume, you’ll get another copy of the hero, too.


Most of the 4* mentioned by @BlueHair will carry on being useful to the very endgame. For example I have been playing this game for over 3 years and have a pretty decent roster, but I’d still pick Guardian Jackal in preference to Leonidas in nearly every situation (I have Leonidas’s costume now, but Jackal still often gets the nod because of his speed). Gullinbursti is an “honorary 5*” and is massively useful in places like Towers where you can really do with that overheal. Plus you can use 4* (or even 3* if you’re brave) in legendary events but you can’t use 5* in epic events, so they give better value all round. Most 4* are more usable at 4.70 than most 5* are at 3.70, so it’s really not worth rushing to max your 5* until you have the materials to take them all the way. Some exceptions exist.

5* are like driving a Rolls-Royce, smoother and more luxurious, but a Mini will still get you to the shops and be cheaper to run into the bargain. I suppose a 3* would be a bicycle, low powered, low cost and can go some places a car can’t, but for long journeys you want the top quality drive. I think I’ve milked that analogy about as far as it can go now!


All very solid advice. I would like to add Ferant to the “honorary 5*” category. I use him often offensively in challenges and I see him in the tank position in quite alot in PVP raids. He is another hero who will serve you well through the endgame.
Best of luck. :two_hearts:


Good advice about 3 stars. I would pause working on 5 stars too for now.
To focus on your 4 stars, I would do these healers:
Kiril, Boldtusk, Sabina, Melendor, Gullinbursti.
For buff dispelling:
Sonya, Caedmon.
For general all round usefulness:
Wilbur, Mist, gJackel, Tiburtus/Gormek, Li Xiu (decent tank)
For titan wonder-scores:
Wu Kong.

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Thank you so much for taking the time to help me out everyone! I really appreciate it. I just finished Morlovia all the way through using Mist, Ferant, Kiril, Ingolf and Congalach.

I’m missing one ascension item for Red so I’m working on Wilbur while I wait, Bold Tusk after that. The item will go to Ferant once I have them.
I have enough for a Purple ascension but will give it to Sabina once she’s there. Next I’ll work on Treevil. Who should the ascension items go to after Sabina? Ingolf? Or wait and work on Tiburtus.
My Blue ascension items went to Kiril, still working on maxing him. I’ll pause on Iris and do Helo next instead. Then… Sonya or Grimm?
For Green I’m going to finish Grevle, then ascend Franz and max him before moving to … Peters or Caedmon, given my lack of snipers. Unless I have all the items to max Congalach by then because I adore him (I know I’m supposed to ignore the 5s but he’s my favorite :sweat_smile:).
Yellow, I’ll pause Mist at 60/3 and move to Gullinbursti, fully ascend him, then return to either Mist or Jackel. Though there’s also Poppy and Pixie. I feel like I have a lot of good options in yellow.

Does that sound solid? I think it incorporates all the above advice. I hope. :smile:


Seems like a decent working plan overall. You may not be there yet, but not too far off you’ll likely find that paused 3s & 4s are pretty much useless because they won’t have the robustness to stay alive to get used. I’ve found it very helpful to stay focused on 1 hero in each color to get them maxed. Sounds like you’re getting there while working around mats shortages (it does get better for the 3* mats at least!).

The other advice I’d give would be to keep some flexibility in your plan. It’s good to think ahead & plan - all my many heroes waiting to level are in on my leveling plan - but as you grow, you’ll find that skills will change as your understanding of the game deepens and your level rises. For me, it was dispel that was most noticeable. I started out thinking dispel was ok, but not a priority for leveling. Then one day I realized I was smashing against walls of enemy buffs when a dispeller would have made a huge difference. It clicked for me how useful having a maxed dispeller would be and my leveling plan shifted. Pay attention to those insights as you get them! :slight_smile:

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Welcome to the fourm here a few threads to read at your leisure .

Good luck in your journey good folk here willing to help .

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Here is another thread of helpful links.

FWIW I totally advocate for putting off 5* heroes initially, having made that mistake myself. I got my first 5* at 2 months and proceeded to start working on him immediately. It took me over 8 months to finally max him. Meanwhile, I could have maxed 4 4* or probably a dozen 3* instead. Needless to say, focusing on the 5* cost me months of progress.

Getting a set of maxed 3* heroes makes it easier to get a set of maxed 4*, which in turn makes it easier to get the 5* maxed. It’s all about patience, even if you are a spender to accelerate the progress.


Thanks guys, I’ll read these :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Appreciate you all taking the time

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Best laid plans and all that… had the ascension mats so I just did Ingolf, Ferant, Franz, Kiril and Mist. I’ll get these maxed before I work on the next set. Seems wiser than multiple 3/4 leveled heroes kicking around. Also got a 3* team maxed of Bertulf, Valen, Namahage, Grevel and Balthazar.
And I just pulled Griffin (x3… and two more Scarletts. Who comes up with these odds) so he may pop in line before Jackal.

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Put Griffin behind Jackal. Jackal himself looks not very strong, but creates great synergy. Put him in the titan team with WuKong and somebody with generic def-down and att up (I use Zekena and Heimdall, but there are also cheaper ones, eg. Treevil and Boldtusk or costume Kaailani) and you wil see results about 100k in one attack.

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Right that makes sense. Gullinbursti is still in that queue as well. So many heroes, so little time :joy:

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First you need to have 6 teams fully to fight in wars.
Start with your 3 teams 3*.
Then go for the 4*.
Level always heal heros, rigards, sabinas, Kiril boldtusk. Even me with 4 years I stil use them alot.

I remember leveling 1 each color to have 6 rainbow teams to fight the first war. Remember 1 each color. Stop wasting resources on 3* season 1 without costume. Go for the new ones.

Edit. 4* depending on which. With level breaking they will be authentic 5* used by many top allyances players. So go for 4* yes but 1 at a time. Ferrant and gulimburst are a must go right away.

Lots of truth in this.

The only S1 3* dupes I’d consider are (1) Bane, because the yellow 3*'s lack hitters unless you have Dawa Costume, (2) Tyrum & (3) Balthazar, because Prisca sucks and Renfeld is useless until you get his costume. Personally I maxed a second Valen and never used him.

You’re thinking switch back to 3*s before I do Sabina, Gullinbursti, Wilbur? Those were gonna be next up after the current 4s are maxed.

I did the S1 3*s because I’d already started on them before I pulled the later season one like Treevil. Can I not put a costume on a fully leveled hero if/when I pull it? I haven’t had a chance to take part in a costume event yet.

Yeah I’ve eaten a bunch of them now leveling the 4s. I have doubles of Pixie, Melia, Helo… a few others. Not necessarily to level two but for the 100% skill up