Guys, I need advice to set priority to build my team

I just played about one week. I’m lucky to pulled some very good 4* heros, but I am lost in settle the priority to build my first rainbow team. Pls give me your advices, thanks.

Team 3 and team 4, which one is better for now?

How does your ascension material inventory look like? You would probably be better off maxing a 3* rainbow defensive team first.

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I agree with @KLinMayhem. A week in you should ignore your 4*s (you’ve had great luck getting them), and focus on building up at least a defense of 3s.

Once you have the defense, work on building up a roster of 3* heros you can use for wars, with a few 4 star projects sprinkled in

Enough for level 1 ascension to 4*, no materials for level 2. The problem is I don’t have any red 3* hero and no 3* healer as well.

That’s fine, you’ll get one eventually. You should seriously stick to 3s for now. Max 3s will be more powerful than a 4* at the 2nd tier.

Getting materials to max 4* heroes is going to take a long time.

If you haven’t gotten there yet, you will need 30 heros for alliance wars. I would work your 3*s in yellow, blue, purple, and green.

And I also don’t have 3* tanks. So what should I do at present? Is it necessary to use 2* heros?

It could be. You need to get to level 12 (I think) for wars. That should give you some time to get other heros

To start off with, maxing 2* would be a good thing. We all had to start in the same position. :slight_smile:

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Most of us evolve from that position though unlike that klinmayhem guy…lol

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Bane would be servicable as a tank for now


I’m already level 17 now. For red 2*, which one is the best?

There isn’t a lot of choice. Max who you have.

My new war defense.

IMO… just like other said, priority is 3* heroes…
in preparation war… keep 30 heroes locked, minimum unleveled 2* heroes.
After war ended, unlock 2* heroes and continue leveling your main 3* base.
I suggest for 2* heroes only Sha-Ji (healer) to level, the other 2* no need to level except we do not have any other heroes to level.

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Maybe we’ll actually have a chance next time lol

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ok - to be very honest, this game takes lots of patience. So if you are in it for the long to medium term, think of your participation as a marathon run rather than a print race.
To join wars you need to achieve level 12.
You get 6 war flags to play with so you need six teams of five heroes (30 in total).
Please consider joining a teaching alliance to get assistance from experienced players.
My advice would be to build 3 rainbow teams of 3* heroes to start off with.
Then when you have the mats to level your 4* heroes focus on them.


@charlie24, you have gotten some great advice from some of what I would consider the top names in the forum. If you enjoy the mechanics and intend to stick with the game you would be well serviced listening to these players.

And to echo @JGE, find a training alliance. Check out the alliance recruitment thread to see what is out there. I would suggest downloading the line app if you can. Many alliances communicate with each other with it because they can share more information than the game chat allows.

Okay, I appreciate all your suggestions. I will calm down and go back to level my 3 and even 2 star heros.

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