Best way to prioritize the ascension order


only recently i started to play more seriously and spend some reasonable amount of money. this paid off and now i am in kind of a pickle as i do not now completely how should i focus my priorities and which heroes to ascend first. is there any rule of thumb apart from first 4*, then 5*? my main goal would be to focus to gaining more rare mats for ascending more heroes. so i should focus on raids then, titans or events?

just to give you an example of doubts i am having.

i have just upped Lianna to her 4th level and started ascending her, i also have mats to make final ascension of rigard. but on the other hand i have also multiple heroes just sitting there and waiting to be taken care of (jean-francois 2.58, kadlien 2.59, guardian j. 3.35, isarnia 1.1, mist 1.37, bt 1.18, boril 3.4, and the list goes on). i am confused on what to do next.

thanks a lot in advance for any help and insights from fellow members

Greetings, what does the rest of your hero roster looks like? You will get more informed advice on levelling priorities with pics of your hero roster.

What are your levelling priorities? Defense team? Raiding? :woman_shrugging:

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Just some back-up for this rule of thumb:


For me I would say the priority is Titans. Titans are by far the most prevalent way of getting ascension materials. In general, it follows something of a cycle:

Raiding is good but really, it doesn’t make much of an impact beyond filling your chest & getting you more/ bonus resources… But one very important thing to learn is that Cups don’t make any difference at all. There is some benefit to being able to open your raid chest in a higher tier but the actual number of cups you maintain isn’t of any real importance.

Challenge Event (COMPLETION), Tournaments & Wars would be my next priorities after titans. Both are good ways of participating in wars & bringing some variation to the game. For both, the depth in 4* heroes is important (3* to some degree also for the events & tournaments).


thank you both, so my roster looks as below, i know its a very bad and limited roster, but nothing better at the moment. any suggestions on what would be the ideal titan fighting team?

Useful Graphic:
Note; it is a little old so some new heroes should be added to it such as Nodri (3* Blue Debuff) and Miki + Guardian Gazelle (in the stacking attack column).

The principles still remain. As much as possible, stack ON COLOUR to make use of the titans weakness…
Personally I do a MINIMUM of a 4-1 stack, regardless of if I can make all 4 aspects of the “team composition” chart.


Extremely helpful, thanks!

Titan team…
I still use Wu hitting 14* titans. Yes he’s squishy but attack boost, when he doesn’t miss makes a difference. I also take Wilbur, who is gold for survivability. A hero to look out for at the next Atlantis Rising.

I would focus on your 3*&4* heros and leave your 5* heros because they are so expensive. Great advice throughout the forum.

If you’re not already in one, the best advice I could give you is to join a good training alliance. Check out Alliance recruitment, there are many.

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