Should I attempt Farholme Pass? / Yes & Victorious!

Hi! I’ve never tried beating the final level of Farholm Pass. Here is a shot of my team and best items. Is it worth attempting now, or perhaps save my good items until I’ve maxed out all my heros? Thanks!


This should be doable and is worth it. Check Anchor 7DD channel on youtube, he has videos where he shows how to complete these levels even with 3* if i remember correctly.


I see way too many dispellers there.

It may be useful to bring Gunnar or Kailani if you have them, color stacking some colors (at least purple for the final boss) and riposte guys may help your cause.

If thats all you have, i guess you have to bring some really heavy items and cross your fingers.


You should try every time one of these rare quests comes up. For two reasons: 1. to learn. 2. Your team is actually strong enough to get a compass and the damascus blade.

Both are rare and invaluable mats. Go get em!



very hard with 3*? really?
please post here. i couldnt find any video

I have 16 maxed out 3* heros to chose from including Gunnar and Kailani. I also have an unleveled Cyprian. didnt think any of those chars would live long enough to be useful… The 4* in the picture are the only ones I’ve leveled thus far.

Kailani is yellow, so Gunnar should be better.

Thanks! I can clear the 4th level for the compass. Just not sure if I want to blow the few miricle scrolls I have on a doomed atttempt to clear the final level.

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Happy to hear what others think, but with ur team I don’t think u need to use miracle scrolls.

I would take in arrows, minor manna (to quickly fire up Sabina if needed), minor healing (x10), and bombs or axes.

I know it says suggested 3180 tea,m level. Worst case scenario, u try again tomorrow - there is plenty of time

It’s doable with a full 4* team… Mhhh it’s recommanded to have 2 healers with you. And your heroes arent maxed on rank 4. You will have some troubles. Bring antidotes with you and some mana potions. Scarlett is good, use her ability wisely. Chao is also useful for the boss. But 2 dispeller… Quite useless because they wont dispell anything in this leveln

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There is Sabina - should be enough, don’t u think?

2 Dragonian Mage
Blinding Curse Deals 95% damage to all enemies. All enemies get -19% accuraty for 4 turns. Chance to miss also applies to offensive Special Skills.

i almost did it with a 2500 team whitout miracle scroll, you should be able to do it…

i tried with brienne and gunnar to increase my attack, and only 1 healer


Don’t use the miracle scrolls unless you are sure you are going to make the difference with it.
But I would bring mana, healt, arrows and bombs if I where you and just try and see what it brings.
Make sure you are charged up before going into the boss battle.


Agree with the Harry De Beeeeee

Thanks! That sounds like good advice. I’ll try without my miracle scrolls and see what happens. I won’t be risking anything other than the flags if I don’t manage to clear it.


Exactly. Gotta learn somehow right? Best way is…

…Just do it!

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Time is ur friend. There is 1 day 9 hours left. If it doesn’t work first time, let’s keep talking.

Thanks for the encouragement and good advice!

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Every1 who commented here totally wants you to get that Blade @QuickBen


If you have maxed 3* to choose from, you might try with 2x blue (Sonya and Gunnar), 2x purple (Sabina and Balthazar) and 1 red (Scarlett).

On each wave of mobs, kill all but the last one, then ghost tiles in the empty spaces to fully heal your heroes and fully charge your specials. Then kill the last mob with tiles and move on to the next wave.

With the bosses, focus on one at a time. Use mana potions to recharge Sabina and Gunnar to keep everyone alive. Once one boss is down, ghost tiles so you can pick off the other with specials.