Which 5 Stars to Level (if any) or do I wait for s4

Hi all. Have accumulated matts for a while now and looking for advice on who to ascend (can do 1 a blue/red/green/yellow) Looking for war depth rather than def team.

All ready levels:

BK - 9EM
Kunch - 7EM
Drake - 7EM
GPanth - 7EM
Liane - 7EM
Malosi - 7EM
Clarissa - 7EM
Ariel - 7EM
Lady Loki - 7EM
Alice - 7EM
Lady of Lake - 7EM


Red - Tyr/Cap Kes/Elena/Mariana/Santa/Azlar/Noor/Ruben
Blue - Krumpus/King Arthur/Alice #2/Fenrir/Isarina
Yellow - Malosi #2/Bai Y/Renvir/Rana
Green - Lady of Lake/Hatter/Zoc

Let me know thoughts

You have some great heroes already leveled, up. So, congratulations.

Re the next few to work on.

Red: if you need a tank, and you don’t appear to need one, Santa is a solid choice. Otherwise, I would opt for Tyr or Ruben.

Blue: Krumpus

Yellow: If you prioritize titans, Ranvir is a good choice. Otherwise, the others are good choices, but none stand out to me as obviously better than the others. Bai Yeoung is good and is fast. Rana is average, but would be good in Bloody tournaments. A second Malosi would be good for wars.

Green: I like to raid with Zocc as he can neutralize a strong hero who is about to hit full mana. The Hatter is also a good hero. Lady of the Lake is a solid choice if you need a green healer or a green tank.

Good luck.


Nice looking team Chico! Here’s my two cents:

Red: I like Tyr best of the bunch. Kestral is good if you looking for a fast, 3 hit punisher too

Blue: Even though you have BK, Krampus is a good choice here. Other would be King Arthur for Elemental defense down for Titans so personally I’d go with him.

Yellow: I’d probably hold on and wait for a better one while you’re maxing the other 3 colors

Green: Tempted to do a second LOTL. If not, Both Hatter and Zocc are good. Both are fun too with Hatter’s unique special and Zocc ruining an opponet’s special charge.



Red: I’d go with Marjana since you appear to lack a red sniper. She and Gefjon are the only two red 5* snipers for now. Tyr is more of a finisher but on his own doesn’t do nearly enough damage.

Blue: You already have BK, so Krampus would be a bit redundant. I’d go with King Arthur for the elemental defense down which is amazing for titans.

Yellow: Malosi is always good for war, but I suggest holding off for a bit and seeing if something better comes you r way (Feb HoTM Uraeus looks quite decent if released in current form)

Green: Honestly tempted to say just hold off, but Zocc is serviceable at 3/70 so level him there and see how you like him then make a decision.


I guess I’ll pass out with jealousy right now… lol


:laughing: thanks MissCat. As always, I went from wanting to quit E&P due to nothing for ages and then landed loads over Xmas in the festive and knights. Lucky boy, now the nerves of wasting matts 🤦

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Thanks Rho. Interest thoughts on the Reds. BK is a happy tank in current meta so Marjana is leading the race :laughing:

Red: I only see 1 maxed red hero. I would suggest a fast red hero for your 2nd. That leaves Tyr, Kestrel or Marjana. I would probably do Tyr or Kestrel depending on available emblems.

Blue: Easily KA takes most priority.

Yellow: I’d probably bring 2nd Malosi and Ranvir to 3/70 and see if you get Joon. A 2nd Malosi will be beneficial for war even at 3/70 and Ranvir can be still useful on titans at 3/70 (depending on what level titans your alliance is hitting. If you don’t get Joon, maybe ascend Bai Yeong.

Green: I don’t think theres any point in a 2nd LotL. I would probably do Hatter.


I have started to raid with Zoc and he is fun but at 3/70 I struggle to get the most out of him but that is the same when I take hatter. LOFL is such a great hero could play safe and level up my 2nd

Yeah, tough call. I do prefer variety but Lady of the lake is one of the best all around heroes in the game.

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Thanks mate. I have Lady Loki but as an average totally get your point on getting a fast up and running.

Unfortunately don’t have thw matts for a purple :frowning:

Oh yea I missed Lady Loki.

Also factor in how you make war teams when you decide what hero to ascend. Ex: If you play 4-1 or mono, elemental link’s like Bai Yeong’s can become handy.

Great point!! I like 3-2 and currently can only field 2 solid teams and the last 4 flags are in the lap of the gods and my 4*…

I use:


Then whatever fits the opponent

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