Help me decide what to do with my tome

I had no tomes, 5 blades, and not a ton of other materials. Farholme gives me one tome to work with. My options are:

  1. Domitia, 3/70
  2. Sartana with costume, both at 3/70.
  3. Devana, 3/70. I have a duplicate at 1/1 (got freakishly lucky that month). She’s cool but IMHO not so mindblowing that I’d level a second.

If I promote either Domitia or Sartana, I won’t have enough tabard or trap tools to promote the other if I should gain another tome.

Now, ideally, we should get to ascend heros by eating a duplicate, but I don’t see that on the horizon no matter how deserved.

Should I promote any of them, or hold for someone else?

Sartana with costume > Dom

As for Sartana v Devana, I’d ask whether your Dark or Holy teams need more. I’d like Costume Sartana though.

Sartana with costume is so great, sturdy sniper, hard direct damage.

Sartana with her costume, without a doubt.

In my honest opinion, I would focus on levelling costume Sartana first.
You will not be disappointed
Whichever hero you choose good luck


I’m currently out of likes. :sweat_smile:

@Dongle How many tabards do you have? How many wizard emblems for Sartana?

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I have 17 tabard but only 10 trap tools, not enough if I ascend both Sart and her costume to do anything else. Have over 800 wizard emblems.

I see. At least it’s a lot easier to get trap tools instead of tabards. :wink:

Btw, I have 2x Sartana Costumes maxed. I almost always use the costume side. I may use original Sartana for Trials only. Costume side suits my playstyle.

If you decide on Sartana, I suggest embleming her Attack>Def>Health according to the costume/fighter class. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’d go with the Sartana costume. She might be a one hit sniper but she will hit almost twice as often as Domitia imo. And she can do terrible damage to one.

You need 4 trap tools for the main hero and 4 for costume, so 10 should be enough

Sartana from me as well. Her costume when given +18 emblems is a killer. I use 2 of her regularly along with Panther

I only wish I had Panther. Ok, the votes are in and Sartana it is. If dupe ascension ever becomes a thing, maybe I’ll get some others to 4th tier (looking at you, Horghall).

I have 2 Sartana, 2 joons and 2 Lianna due to lack of projects. They can help you in wars. Tiburtus can pair with Sartana for some good damage.

If you had domitia’s costume I think it would easily be her. Since you have sartana’s, I think she wins it here.