Costumed Domitia or Normal Sartana?

As by topic…i will use them mostly for offense and defense.

cDomitia is way better than Sartana without costume bonus. Stats wise and damage wise – both snipe on 1 and DoT on 3 > 1 are better – only thing is Domitia lags behind in speed compared to Sartana.

You can increase Domitia to 9 tiles with costume bonus though (along with your cRigard and cTiburtus), if you get yourself a level 5 mana troop in purple. Doesn’t look like you have one yet though.


Ok different question now…better sartana costume or domitia costume if i have or if i don’t have mana troop

First off:

Sartana + costume bonus > costumed Sartana

Just because of her skill – costumed Sartana may have more direct damage and a better class, but without DoT she actually hits for worse total damage than Sartana + costume bonus. Only exception would probably be challenge events where costumed is better as you need to deal damage quickly.

For Domitia, you either use the ranger for damage or the rogue for dispelling. Her talent tree is identical in both classes for the attack path, so if you emblem her she’s set to go in both forms (just depends what you’re up against).

For your question: I’d say Sartana+cb is better without mana troop for a more reliable charge time. With a mana troop, the gap is closer.


Thank you Dave !
I think I’ll ascend my Domitia and give her priority since i dont have Sartana costume anyway

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I had exactly the same problem. I have costume Domitia +9 in my defence and have just finished off Sartana (but don’t have her costume).
I decided to keep Domitia in my defence team

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I have enough tabards to max both but i want to keep 6 tabards only in case i get kage or something on par with it

@AnRui DomitiaC


Domitia Costume vs Sartana Costume, which is better to ascend first

Sartana costume i guess is more reliable and her class makes her a nuisance

  1. Sartana costume
  2. Domitia costume
  3. Sartana
  4. Domitia

This is the right order


So basically Sartana is better lol

Except u need a cleanser/dispeller then ye

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I have Rigard and seshat, so Domitia isn’t a necessity for me.