Help me decide on my next yellow

I’m finishing up Onatel on final ascension and I’m a bit at a loss on who to work on next.

Current yellow roster:

Vivica: 4/80
Wu Kong: 4/70 +3 (saving monk emblems for other projects)
Jackal: 4/70 +7
Gretel: 4/70
Hu Tao: 4/70

On the bench, I have:

Chao: 3/60
Danzaburo: 3/39
Leonidas: 1/1
Li Xiu: 1/4
Jackal: 1/1
Wu Kong: 1/1
Li Xiu: 1/1

…plus some 3* that don’t really get consideration one way or the other.

To me, it looks like I have a maxed (or in Onatel’s case, nearly maxed) copy of all my important yellows. Jackal is awesome for purple titans, Wu Kong is awesome for all titans, Gretel is a decent mana control hero, Vivica can heal, and Onatel is, so far, working out brilliantly for me.

But what next?

I only have 1 dart and 8 orbs, so if I worked on Leo he’d be stuck at 3/70 for some time.

Li Xiu seems like an alright defender, enough that I cringe when I let her go off in raids, but I’m not sure I’d regularly take her on attack – and I have better defenders already.

Chao at 3/60 doesn’t seem worth further investment. If I wanted another sniper I think I’d work my second Jackal.

Danza… maybe?

A second Wu might be alright for wars, but he’s honestly not my favorite to take in wars anyway.

So… who next? Second Jackal? Second Wu? Danza? Li Xiu?

I would say Danza. He would be good for wars and I hear he is fun (leveling mine now).

But Jackel would be an option for war depth as well.

I would go with diversity and fun imo.

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Chao ins’t bad but I would do another G. Jackal.

Even Danzaburo wouldn’t be a bad choice but by having G. Jackal you would already have color’s advantage on class trials and it would be better for titans/events/quests.

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Second Jackal without a doubt.

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