Yellow 4*.................10 caracters


which do you think are the best yellow heroes of 4 *?


Wu, G Jackal, Gretel


Hu Tao. He’s Level 62 (fully ascended) Power 631


Ranking them in a vacuum from best to worst based on my own experience with the game:

On offense:

  1. Wu Kong
  2. Guardian Jackal
  3. Chao
  4. Gretel
  5. Li Xiu
  6. Hu Tao

On Defense:

  1. Li Xiu
  2. Hu Tao
  3. Wu Kong
  4. Chao
  5. Gretel
  6. Guardian Jackal

Note that some heroes can be much more useful when combined with other heroes. For example, Jackal’s yellow defense debuff pairs well with another yellow sniper like Joon, and Chao’s mana reduction pairs well with a mana regeneration debuff from Little John or Natalya.


Thanks great response. Is very util


I think Gretel has greater tile damage, and her mana reduction is both higher and over more turns. Chao is fast but only that is better imo


Agreed about the tile damage, and she’s certainly a good hitter for titans. I ranked her slightly lower than Chao in my opinion because:

  • Their mana reduction specials have different use cases. Chao is useful in raids to keep defenders on the wings from firing since his mana reduction is a flat 25% with no other stipulations. Gretel is useful for mana reduction on whomever you’re currently targeting since it prevents the target from casting at all and the faster they charge, the more damage the witch hunter effect does. Gretel’s average mana speed really hurts her here since by the time she’s charged up, often so is the target.
  • Comparing Gretel to Hansel, Hansel is the clear winner, and I personally wouldn’t take both with me.
  • Chao has fast mana.
  • I have more experience using Chao, so I tend to prefer him.

It’s probably a matter of preference which one is better for raids/events, though I admit Gretel wins for titans.