Vivica or G. jackal

I know that they are completely opposite to each order, but I need to start working on a yellow Hero and have this 2 options (was hopping for Guin, but no luck), So, out of my roaster, which one should I invest first?

Joon 4/80
Richard 4/80
G. Kong 3/70
Evelyn 3/70
Poseidon 3/70
Lianna 4/20 (Green Working)
Anzogh 3/13
Quintus 2/02
Domitia 1/50
Isarnia 1/43 (Blue Working)

Wu Kong 4/70 (+3)
Rigard 4/70 (+3)
Kiril 4/70 (+3)
Melendor 4/70 (+4)
Boldtusk 4/70
Sabina 4/70
Wilbur 4/70
Tiburtus 4/70
G. Falcon 2/40 (Red Working)
Buddy 4/70
Caedmon 3/60
Triton 4/70
Hu Tao 3/60
Proteus 3/60 (Purple Working)
Scarlett 02/20

Thanks a lot, as always !

Jackal for me…he will really help your dark Titan scores.

Jackal. Rigard fills your need for a healer and Jackal is a must-have for Titans

Jackal makes every other yellow hitter you have better. Jackal + Joon = Super Joon


Always the golden Anubis :wink:



Another vote for the jackal. Jackal + Wilbur + Wu = crazy Titan damage.

Jackal + Wilbur + Wu + Boldtusk = even crazier Titan damage!

But this for what Titan color?

Purple…throw in any other random yellow and you’ve got yourself a force. Just got a 100k hit with this setup the other day.

I have Joon @ 04/80 and Poseidon @ 03/70 … both 8/8 special…

So for purple Titan, go with:
Wilbur - Jackal - Joon - Poseidon - Wu + Red Banner (As alternate BT +att)

Wilbur, Boldtusk, Jackal, Wu Kong, Joon in that case. I do a second Jackal in place of Joon in that lineup. Or yes, maybe the banners to try and sub Boldtusk, but BT HEALS too which is nice paired with Wilbur.

Cool… So, after maxing my first Jackal should I work on a second Jackal or give Viviva a chance?

I’d work on Vivica then unless a better 5* option presents itself. Variety is good, and Viv is a cleansing healer.

Pretty much anything but Yellow unless you’ve got another elemental debuffer to use instead. But yes, it’s especially effective against Purple Titans.

For offense, double Jackal would be my way to go.

Vivica has been stuck at 3/70 like forever.

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Is there a place for G Owl on this yellow team I’m building (he’s very slow)? So instead of working on vivica/jackal after my first jackal is maxed I can work on him… What do you think?

G Owl is a tide changer. Throw him in the right wing and he will do his work.

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