Help me create a defense team 🏅

I feel a little embarrassed. I’ve been playing for almost 3 years and raids have never been my priority or focus. I just used to keep myself in Diamond, never chased any top #, never really bothered that I lost 100 cups overnight, sometimes I could go days without raiding at all. But now with Valor Pass and it’s Raids challenges, I started doing raids and they can be fun!
But! My defense team seems to be lacking. I ran Delilah-K.Arthur-Aegir-Marjana-Drake Fong for a while and it did fine. Tried Aeron as tank and he did terrible. I’m wondering if I can create something better than my current set up and I need your help :heart:

All my heroes are here:

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For now:

Domitia - Drake - Richard - Grave - Kadilen

In the future:

Drake - Clarissa - Richard - Grave - Kadilen

Aegir is “potentially” an OK solution, but his emblems will conflict with Richard/Clarissa’s. I would also focus most of your emblems a bit more on your defense team, as those are significantly lacking.

I would at least get them each to +10 if you can.


In my honest opinion, Use a rainbow defence team and for right now use Domitia, Drake Fong, Richard, Kadilen and Gravemaker.
But you need to level both Clarissa and Aegir and swap them in when maxed.
Try and get each hero on your defence team to at least +7 / +8.
Good luck

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