Suggestion for defense team members

Please help to advise my defense team members for war and raid. Don’t want to clash emblems between team mate in defense team.

Attached my heroes roster below. Thank you.

Lots of money for invocations.

But little development to get climbing materials.

Much can not be advised, if nothing is fully promoted.
And most of them are level 1

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Thanks for your comments.

IF all are promoted, what is your advice?

Where are all your ascended four stars? They should be your defenders at the moment

Your best tank is probably Costumed Kadilen, but she’s not the greatest. She is handy in general play also though, which is important considering you seem to be relatively early game. You could tank with Drake at the moment too

The best defense there is probably

Drake Richard cKad Hel Marjana

But that seems to be a long way away

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Belatedly, welcome to the community.
Levelling 5* heros takes a lot of resources and I see you have been working on these - who do you have on your defense at the moment?

Heavily emblemed 4* heros may serve you better on defense as none of the heros you posted are maxed? Pics of your emblemed 4* heros?

Ps. If you don’t already belong to one, an awesome alliance with knowledgeable players would also help you to develop your roster efficiently. Check out the Alliance Recruitment section on the forum.

Good Luck :smile:

My current defense team

Marjana (3-70), zeline (3-70), Raffaelle (3-70), Drake (4-65), C-lianna (3-70).

I have enough 4* mats to ascend 1 blue and 1 green hero.

Need to consider the future defense team base on my current heroes roster because 4* mats is difficult to obtain.

To be clearer then, suggest stop working on fives and look at developing your fours for defense and attack. As you have identified the mats to ascend your fives are very rare. So concentrating on fours for a couple of months will serve you better. Finish Drake, but leave the rest and max out your fours

I can see Kiril and Gullinbursti in your list there, if they’re not finished they’re definitely both worth the mats, and there are a bunch of other fours that you will use forever like Rigard, Caedmon, BT etc, so train em up if you’ve got em


After 10 3* heroes (2 of each colors) are maxed, work on the 4*.

After 10 4* heroes (2 of each colors) are maxed, work on the 5*.

I don’t know whether that works differently with P2W… but 4* are a lot more versatile than 5*… maxing 4* such as Kiril, Boldtusk, Rigard, Grimm, Caedmon, Sonya, Tiburtus, Melendor, Sabina, Wu Kong, Proteus, Wilbur, Mist, Jackal, Falcon, Hansel, Gretel, Peter, Almur, Gullinbursti or Buddy should be priority…

To answer your question:

Alberich-Richard-Hel-Drake Fong-Marjana

Nb: despite 3/70 5* have higher power, they actually worse than 4/70 4*.

Thank you for the advice, guys