Advice for defense team please ? :)

Hi everyone
what would be the more solid/scary defense team with these heroes


-RED : Mitsoku (+7) - GM (+7) - Khagan - Zim (Maybe soon)

-BLUE : Perseus (+6) - Isarnia - Magni - Athena (very soon to come, will get emblems from Tibertus)

-PURPLE : Hel (+7) - Sartana - Mok-Arr

-GREEN : Alberich (+7) - Morgan - Kadilen

-YELLOW : Delilah (+7) - Vivica (+7) - Joon - Rana (maybe soon) - Drake Fong (maybe soon)

Thanx a lot
great day and game
beautiful life



You have some great choices there. You certainly shouldn’t have trouble staying in diamond.

I actually only have Isarnia from that list. But facing them in raids I know all too well that the others are scary.

My Advice - (without knowing your given Talent emblems)

Alberich - Drake - Deliah - Sartana - Zim

Change Magni for Drake if you want a rainbow-defense, but I like Drake´s Special :slight_smile:

alt. Grave

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