Raid Defence help please

Hi guys,

I’d appreciate some advice on my defence team. Currently around 2200 cups and would like to at least remain there when I log off.

Current defence:

Proteus+11 - Triton+10 - Mitsuko+3 - Caedmon+9 - Rigard+9

My other maxed heroes:

Red: Boldtusk+13, Wilbur
Blue: Grimm+10
Green: Tarlak+3, Melendor
Yellow: Danzaburo+9, Wu Kong, Chao
Purple: working on Sartana (at 4.63 right now)

Once I’ve finished with Sartana, I also have the scopes to ascend one of Aegir, Magni and Frida. I’m probably going to go with Aegir, give him my Paladin emblems, and put him as my tank. Correct decision?

With Aegir and Sartana in mind, what’s the likely best defence I can muster with my roster? Also, what order should they be in, and should I swap some emblems? I have 5 reset tokens and I’m willing to experiment.

Side notes:

  1. I have a 3.70 Gravemaker and 4 rings, so it may not be too long til I can max him. Where would he fit in my defence?
  2. I am also levelling Gadeirus as we speak. When he’s maxed, will the family bonus between him, Proteus and Triton be worth having in my defence?

Thanks in advance for any tips!

Forget your defense. Put whatever you want there. Try several combinations and you’ll see, they are all okay in a way and none will be the blast.

A certain teampower keeps you at a certain amount of cups. +/-10%

To climb, you’ll need to raid and you’ll always be raided back to your actual defensive cup amount.

Maxed better legendary defenses keep you straight in diamond, average ones around 2400 and bad ones at about 2200.

Put Gravey as tank and you may keep 2600 cups. No def will ever keep you higher.

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