Some advices : next steps for me

Dear players,
I have an attack team . Titan works fine .quests also.
I would like to improve raids and war defence .
Any inputs highly appriciated !
Team 1 attack
Team 8 defence

Nice list.

For war defense, it would be good to know if your team has a preferred tank colour

Your best defense probably features Joon, Kage and BT. BT is your best tank, but you don’t really have a five star tank available. Perhaps Frida, she has fairly tanky stats, but needs final ascension - she’d have to be at least 4/40 before being a better tank than an emblemed BT. Maybe Tarlak in a corner?

Ok I have convinced myself this being a solid defense

Joon Frida BT Kage Tarlak

For raids, I use fast mana hitters where possible and setup in 3-2, 4-1 or mono. Not sure you really have the depth though. Colour stacking is the key to successful raiding. So Kage Rigard Sartana against yellow tanks, etc


@Infinite i ve started to use 2 1 1 1 because is available in the moment In raids. Kage soon will ascend… missing 1 item only . Fot the moment kage joon and hansel make an amazing combo. Joon will be finished. has thr last ascend now just levels …

I have problems in defence … war and raids
U are right BT is my tank because i have not other better

Nkt to mantion sartana and seshat decizion to makr …hard for me.

Is so good tarlak in def ? Hard to max him …

I like hansel… is fast : what about def : tarlak joon BT kagr hansel ? Frida is ok but for def …is slow

She is average speed and pretty tough, and at tank she has an extra defense against her strong colour, and decent stats, so not terrible

As far as Tarlak, no he isn’t a noted defender, but he is your best green five in general terms so max him before Elkanen. Again, an emblemed four is better in defence than a five at 3/70. But Hansel is not a great defender, because the A.I. is too dumb to realise he needs to hit someone with a full or almost full mana bar to get maximum effect

This brings me to the fundamental issue which I referenced above. You need depth for raiding. At this stage you should be concentrating on maxing fours and even good threes (especially fast snipers) so you can colour stack. I’d stop training your fives unless finishing their current ascension. And stop spreading your training around so much, concentrate on some good fours and take them as far as they will go, the ones who you’ve started are best to finish. Next, Grimm for example is a great four and needs some love


Grimm is next on my list . Just finished sonia . Thanks for inputs.
I need some def down heros. I dont like wilbur even everyone is prazing him. He is bringing too much inconsistance.

Wilbur is amazing. You just have to learn how to use him

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:slight_smile: probably . I am using him now with sonia for def down and debuff the spirit link.
Both are max now

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