Help me change my GTV defense team!

After all the nerfing it is apparent that my GTV team, though sturdy, can now be beaten easily enough that I’ll eventually get knocked out of Diamond arena… and it’s getting boring anyways.

What of my roster below can be used to make a team just as great as (or even better than) the notorious GTV?

Note: I have enough mats to ascend another 5* yellow, purple or green right away and also a blue after just one more scope.

If you’re not juggling emblems then Kunch, Gravemaker or Sif are great tanks.

If you are happy to reset, now the resource cost has dropped, you could consider BK or boss wolf.

How about middle three of

Zulag - Sif - Kage


Sif - Boss - Onatel


Kage - Aegir - GM


Sesh - Onatel - Vela

Also, if you get the blems, Gullinbursti+19 is great fun.


If you’re wanting “best possible setup” I would maybe suggest:

Seshat - Onatel - BK - Magni - MLF/Lianna

Or maybe:

Joon - seshat - BK - Magni - MLF / Lianna


Gravemaker - Sif - Kunch - Onatel - MLF / Lianna

Or perhaps:
Seshat - BK - Telluria - Zimkitha - Joon

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I think if you have the emblems spare for Bryn then this could be fun for a while:

Seshat - Onatel - Brynhild - Black Knight - Magni


A yurple defense could be fun:

Kage-Onatel-Kunchen-Sif-Seshat (or replace Sif with Joon for more hitting power)

or to take advantage of emblems


or you could invert the center trio ala


But bottom line is, Onatel with Kunchen flank is a giant PITA to raid against, so the two should definitely be paired together somehow.

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Seshat - Black Knight - Telluria - Gravemaker - Joon

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Wow! That’s quite a few suggestions and even a few moderators chimed in too! Thanks everyone! My follow up comments:

  1. Should’ve said this in original post but yes I’m open to moving emblems all around. I have plenty of reset tokens saved up.

  2. I’ve been leaning towards transferring emblems from GM to BK and just might do that… as much as it hurts. DOT isn’t what it used to be.

  3. I was curious to see if anyone would bring up Glenda but not a peep about her, lol. Was thinking might be neat to maybe try Zim, Glenda, Telly, Magni/Vela, GM… curious to know anyone’s thoughts on that…(stuck waiting on a scope anyways).

  4. Onatel is a great tank and may try that again or even “Yurple” team lol.

First world problems but thanks again everyone for all the great suggestions!

Also kinda surprised no one made up a team with Sif and BK next to each other… that seems like it could be a right PITA to raid no?

Vela, sif, kunch, grave, Morgan. :slightly_smiling_face:.

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Now that IS interesting… slowly die from massive health drain (DOT and Morgan) or simply finish yourself off with Sif riposte… might just try that next!

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There’s big synergy there, but mostly on offense. On defense you can’t be sure of BK and Sif firing at the same time, so it’s greatly reduced.

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